FLEX, STRETCH and YOGA Poses for The Brute 8

FLEX, STRETCH and YOGA Poses for The Brute 8

No matter what your occupation or lifestyle is, everybody needs to keep physically fit. However, do you prepare your body enough for the workout you are about to begin? This pose set consists of a variety of thirty (30) poses demonstrating flexability, stretching, and yoga exercises that are used throughout the world. These poses are perfect for a wide range of renders from modern day fitness guru to ancient oriental monks.

POSES Include:
01. Cobra
02. Downward Dog
03. Awkward Backbend
04. Warrior Plus
05. Half Triangle
06. Balancing Stick
07. Crunches
08. Meditate
09. Pointy Tree
10. Blossoming Tree
11. Squatting Prayer
12. Half Moon
13. Hillside
14. Mountain
15. Victory
16. Extended Side
17. Supine Twist
18. Corpse Facedown
19. Baby Crawl
20. Chair
21. Reverse Fold
22. Eagle
23. Half Stretch
24. Stretching Side Plank
25. Reverse Warrior
26. Blind Crawl
27. Catapult
28. Boulder
29. Death Prayer
30. Bow

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Requirements:  The Brute 8 character

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio