Flowering Hills for Vue - One Click Wonders

Flowering Hills for Vue - One Click Wonders

Flowering Hills Landscape Materials allows you to use simple or more complicated mixed and layered procedural materials with ease. Or if you want you can mix them, layer them or adapt them to your hearts content both with other One click wonder materials such as the sedimentary rocks or with other materials in your library. They are intended to build on and compliment the existing One Click Wonders Rock and landscape Materials in volumes one and two of this series by adding a new dimension to their rich color and texture palettes with subtle and complex shades of heather, gourse or other distant fields or hillsides with mixtures of grass, rock and wildflower colors and textures. They have been designed to mirror those hues and looks found in nature using the creators extensive travels and observations of the natural world to build upon to create a simple to use yet sophisticate set of Vue materials.

If you have ever wanted to quickly turn the terrain (of any size or resolution) you have just created or imported in to your scene, or even a fast rendering detailed material for your for-ground terrain, then one click wonders will make that happen for you! Harnessing the incredible power of displacement for close up renders and low polygon models to give it that extra detail, or the self same materials with normal bump mapping for faster rendering on objects that do not need displacement its all here for you!

This Product includes: Seven procedural materials for Vue 9 and up for application to terrains or objects in your Vue scenes.

Flowering Gourse - A height sensitive material that contains the subtle yet rich shades of green and gold associated with hillsides covered in gorse, broom or golden wildflowers.

Flowering Heather- Stunning purple, green and golden hues combine to make a distant moorland spring to life on your chose terrain. Height and slope sensitive this material uses Vue's powerful function capability's to the full to create an incredibly realistic and beautiful effect.

Flowering Hill - A variation of the flowering gourse and heather combining the amazing colors of these great materials with a dark rock material for a more rugged landscape. This Material comes with both a displaced and non displaced version to give you the option of giving the rocks more or less detail depending on your scene.

Flowering Rocks - A great material where a rocky terrain needs to be softened by natures colors. A mixture of wonder stone materials, grass and flowers this is perfect for cliff tops mountainsides and just about anywhere you need to combine the power of stone with a subtle hint of flora. This Material comes with both a displaced and non displaced version to give you the option of giving the rocks more or less detail depending on your scene.

Spring Fields - A complex mixture of green grass, cream and yellow flowers with a hint of pinks and purples. A great way to give your landscapes a feeling of spring meadows.

What's Included and Features

  • Flowering Hills for Vue - One Click Wonders (.MAT)
    • Flowering Gourse
    • Flowering Heather
    • flowering Hill
    • Flowering Hill No Displacement
    • Flowering Hill with DIsplacement
    • Flowering Rocks
    • Flowering Rocks with Displacement
    • Flowering Rocks No Displacement
    • Spring Fields


  • This product includes:
    • 1 VUE Installer

Compatible Software:


Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

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