Natural Hi-Low & Private G3F

Natural Hi-Low & Private G3F

Natural Hi - Low & Private goes Genesis3!

For all G3F characters.

The G3F genitals prop is not required and was not used to create the genitals.

1 click custom genital shapes + custom breast shapes + custom low shapes + custom helpers for G3F

~ Due to store policy the complete content is not shown in the promotional images above.~


• 7 Genitals
• 16 Breasts
• 3 Fantasy Breasts
• 6 Bottoms
• 3 Nipples
• 3 Folds
• Helpers: Breasts Altitude + Longitude + Cleavage - Genitals In-Out
• Zero All + Zero All Breasts + Zero Breasts + Zero Bottom + Zero Genitals + Zero Breasts Fantasy + Zero Altitude + Zero Longitude + Zero Cleavage + Zero Nipples + Zero Folds


• General:

Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs are not required because the content of this pack is totally custom. If you do have them though you can use them to change and vary the custom shapes creating many more of them.
The shape presets can be used with all Genesis3F characters and have been tested on V7 & G3F body morphs such as Body Builder. The morphs were made on G3F Base.

The Shapes do not need to be used as are necessarily. You can dial in G3F morphs, adjust the custom morph dials, mix them and experiment.
It is preferred that the helper morphs be dialed in and not applied with 1 click.


• The Genitals:

Some were created for laying down poses or side views but of course they can be used as you like and adjusted by using the morph dials.
The In-Out helper needs to be dialed in as all helpers. It will somewhat alter the genitals. Use as you please.


• The Breasts:

By mixing the breasts, cleavage, nipples, longitude, altitude and folds dials you can obtain different breast shapes.
I suggest not to inject a breast "shape preset at 1" into another (stacking) but you can try.:)

If you have the G3F body morphs you can dial in whatever you like to adjust the shape of the custom breasts.
The variations are limitless.


• The Nipples

Not all breasts have nipples. The nipples: large and small are to add as you want.
Nipples In gives you more control over how you want them. Experiment!


• The Folds:

I added these for a more realistic look in some poses and with a selection of breast morphs. You will need to experiment by using the dials.


• Cleavage & Altitude & Longitude & Folds:

The Altitude morph raises and lowers the breasts. The Longitude pulls them together. The cleavage at 1 squishes them together.
These morphs should be dialed in gradually but of course you should experiment and choose what you like best.


• The Lows:

The lows alter the lower part of the body (waist down) including legs sometimes.
For variety mix them using the dials to create new lows or with the G3F body morphs.



Genesis 3 Female included free in DAZ Studio 4.8
G3F Morphs are not required. The complete content is custom.


This package has been tested in DAZ studio 4.8


Please see Read me for details to get the most out of this product.

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.8

No touch-ups.

~ Due to store policy the complete content is not shown in the promotional images above.~

† Characters, Figures, hair and poses are not included.†

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio