Nose Shapes for G8F - Merchant Resource

Nose Shapes for G8F - Merchant Resource

Sometimes a nose shape can influence much our first impression when we look at a character. In this product you can find 12 unique nose-morphs to use as it is or to mix together to create complete new noses for your G8F characters. These shapes are custom sculpted in ZBrush. The morphs can be dialed in positive and negative direction for maximum variety. You can use the morphs on all G8F based characters.

As a bonus you will find a morph-slider to change the width of any nose-shape in 2 directions as well (narrow-wide).

Included in this Package:

12 New Nose Morphs (shapes) for Genesis 8 Female with sliders (dials)!
1 Narrow-Wide Nose Morph (Bonus)
All these morphs you can find under the tab Shaping and are located in the Genesis 8 Female/Actor/Head/Mar3D/

12 Presets for the full Nose Shape to apply
1 REMOVE Nose-Shape preset to reset all (mixed)nose-shapes
(For the Nose-Width-morph there is only a morph-slider to adjust)
Presets you can find in your content folder here: ..\People\Genesis 8 Female\Mar3D_Nose Shapes MR\

Usage Tips or Limitations:

Select Genesis 8 Female, and then select the morph of your choice!
Or go to the Tab Shaping to mix and match shapes.

Note that you can exceed limits in plus and minus direction.
For realistic results it is NOT recommended to mix more nose-shapes together at the same time with the sliders dialled to 100 percent. Of course you can choose to do this for fantasy-characters for example. It is up to you.

This package only include Morphs / Shapes to use with all G8F based characters.
Other items shown on the promotional pictures are not included in this product.
See readme.txt for more details and a File-list.

About Usage Rights:

This product may be used in every commercial or non-commercial renders.

This means you may use these morphs to create your own characters for selling.
(See readme.txt for details)

All morphs in this product are created by Mar3D.

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Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements: No other morphs needed

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio