Santa's Toy Workshop

Santa's Toy Workshop

In the far reaches of the North Pole sits a tiny cottage where Santa Claus and his elves work tirelessly to build toys for all the good boys and girls across the world.

Santa's Toy Workshop is a stand-alone cottage with river-rock walls, a concrete tiled floor and heavy beams supporting a gabled ceiling. The cabin windows are adorned with green wooden shutters and a red door completes the setting. The cottage alone is perfect for fairy tale renders (think of a group of dwarves) or a hunting cabin for your deep woods renders.

Included in Santa's Toy Workshop is a collection of sturdy wooden furniture, including a tall cabinet, workbenches, stools, a smaller hanging cabinet, a table, a hanging shelf, a big sturdy chair, and a coat rack. A large pot-bellied stove with firewood and glowing coals can be placed anywhere in the room, and the included lights cast a warm glow upon the walls. Finally, a deep red twisted rug completes the scene, ready to move in.

What really brings this little cottage to the North Pole is the collection of Christmas themed toys and decorations. Included are a lantern, a calendar (with December as the month, of course!), a holly wreath, and knitted stockings ready to hang. Additionally, a small collection of tools are included: a wrench, mallet, screwdriver, saw, and vise. Painting implements such as paint cans, a jar of brushes, and a single brush rounds out the set.

Let's not forget about all the handmade toys! In addition to Santa's large red sack and his list of naughty and nice kids, there is a doll, a teddy bear, a toy soldier, a wooden train locomotive and a wooden boat, a toy trumpet, a toy drum, a soccer ball, Jack-In-The-Box, hula hoop, pogo stick, rocking horse, sled, and finally a spinning top.

This set is huge and includes a ready to load scene with all the lighting and render settings used in the promotional images. It even includes something to view out the windows! And to make it simple for kit bashing, several preset "groups" are included that will load right into the scene fully assembled, such as Santa's Workstation, or a preloaded shelf of toys.

One last thing... a morph for the Victorian Santa for Genesis 3 Male(s) coat is included so that you can hang the coat on the coat rack.

What's Included and Features

  • Santa's Toy Workshop (.DUF)
  • STW !!Full Scene Iray
    • Optimized for Iray
    • All Doors Open and Close
  • Props:
    • All Props Optimized for Iray
    • Big Chair
    • Book
    • Brush Jar
    • Calendar
    • Coat Rack
    • Coffee Mug
    • Cottage
      • Doors Open and Close
    • Doll
      • Posable Head, Arms, and Legs
    • Hula Hoop
    • Jack-In-The-Box
      • Lid Opens and Close
    • Lantern
      • Wick Higher and Lower
    • Mallet
    • Paint Brush
    • Paint Can
    • Pipe
    • Pogo Stick
    • Pot-Bellied Stove
      • Upper Door Opens and Close
      • Lower Door Opens and Close
      • Pipe Rotate
    • Rocking Horse
    • Rug
    • Santa's Bag
    • Santa's List
    • Saw
    • Screwdriver
    • Shelf
    • Sled
    • Small Cabinet
      • Doors Open and Close
    • Small Table
    • Soccer Ball
    • Spinning Top
    • Stocking
    • Stool
    • Tall Cabinet
      • Doors Open and Close
    • Teddy Bear
    • Toy Boat
    • Toy Drum
    • Toy Soldier
    • Toy Train
    • Toy Trumpet
    • Vise
    • Work Bench
    • Wreath
    • Wrench
  • Preloaded Groups:
    • Big Toys Group
    • Elf Workstation
    • Pot-Bellied Stove with Lights
    • Santa's Bag Filled with Toys
    • Santa's Workstation
    • Shelf Group 01
    • Shelf Group 02
    • Small Table Group
  • Iray Material Options:
    • STW Big Chair
    • STW Book Blue
    • STW Book Green
    • STW Book Red
    • STW Brush Jar
    • STW Calendar
    • STW Coat Rack
    • STW Coffee Mug
    • STW Cottage
    • STW Doll Girl 01
    • STW Doll Girl 02
    • STW Hula Hoop
    • STW Jack-In-The-Box
    • STW Lantern
    • STW Mallet
    • STW Paint Brush
    • STW Paint Can Blue
    • STW Paint Can Green
    • STW Paint Can Red
    • STW Pogo Stick
    • STW Potbellied Stove
    • STW Rocking Horse Unpainted
    • STW Rocking Horse
    • STW Rug
    • STW Santa Bag
    • STW Santa List
    • STW Santa Pipe
    • STW Saw
    • STW Screwdriver
    • STW Shelf
    • STW Sled Unpainted
    • STW Sled
    • STW Small Cabinet
    • STW Small Table
    • STW Soccer Ball
    • STW Spinning Top
    • STW Stocking 1
    • STW Stocking 2
    • STW Stocking 3
    • STW Stocking 4
    • STW Stool
    • STW Tall Cabinet
    • STW Teddy Bear
    • STW Toy Boat Unpainted
    • STW Toy Boat
    • STW Toy Drum
    • STW Toy Soldier Unpainted
    • STW Toy Soldier
    • STW Toy Train Unpainted
    • STW Toy Train
    • STW Toy Trumpet
    • STW Vise
    • STW Work Bench
    • STW Wreath
    • STW Wrench
  • Textures Include:
    • 179 Texture, Bump, Normal, and Roughness Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio