Star Colours for the Creme Brulee Dress DAZ Studio only

Star Colours for the Creme Brulee Dress DAZ Studio only

A new collection of textures for the lovely Creme Brulee outfit for Star!

20 colours with variations to allow you to mix and match.

Also included textures for the Creme Brulee hair that can of course be used on other hairs in the Star range.


  • 20 textures for the dress
  • 20 additional textures just for the skirt to give some variation
  • 3 additional plain textures for the petticoat
  • 20 textures for the rose (either on the dress or on the hair)
  • 20 textures for the shoes
  • 20 textures for the necklace ribbon
  • 20 textures for the heart plus 5 additional metallic textures - Pewter, brass, copper, silver and steel
  • 20 textures for the bangle
  • 20 textures for the hair which can be used on all hairs either with or without bangs as well as a tie

This item is for DAZ Studio only and has been created as duf files which can be dropped into either a Content or a My Library layour.

Please note you need UberSurface2 Layered Shader for DAZ Studio from DAZ for the hair textures to work

Daz Studio: DAZ Studio 4.7 and above
Zip Files 1
Requires: Littlefox STAR! and any of the hairs created by Littlefox for the launch of Star!, UberSurface2 Layered Shader for DAZ Studio, Creme Brulee outfit
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio