Styles For Blue

Styles For Blue

Figure Needed For This Texture Set: Blue

This package of colorful textures is full of spunk and charisma for Blue. Not only does this adorable little figure get new textures, so does his props – the beanie, left and right walking stick and his mushroom.

Blue’s new styles were painted in Blacksmith3D to insure that there were no seams visible no matter what camera angle you rendered him in. The hair, teeth and skin ‘bumps’ were created with displacement mapping. The eyes use ray traced reflections.

What’s Included:

5 Full body textures with a Mohawk
5 Full body textures without a Mohawk
3 Mushroom textures
6 Beanie textures
2 Textures for the left waking stick (with and without Mohawk)
2 Textures for the right walking stick (with and without Mohawk)
7 Eye colors
7 Eye color presets for just the right eye (so you can mix and match)
7 Eye color presets for just the left eye (so you can mix and match)
5 Jaw partials with teeth
5 Jaw partials without teeth

Please note that your final results will depending on your lighting, scene set-up, placement of Blue within the scene and so on. You won’t see the full results of the textures until fully rendered.

No props, lights, characters and etc. are included in this materials/texture pack.

Software Needed: Poser 10 or above.

Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev, Poser 11

Requirements:  Poser 10 or above,

Required Products:  
BLUE (Poser Version)

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio