Watchful Skies Volume 1

Watchful Skies Volume 1

Under a Watchful Sky

A weary sky settles low on a bed of soft sand, eyes closing,
and drifts in dreams of agile hands – hands birthed from crystal clouds,
rising and falling like a breath calling,
haunting from the ages, beating aloud like the pulse of man’s
muse – sculpting, painting, inventing an artist’s sanctuary. (Rhonda Johnson-Saunders)


15 Magnificently dark and haunting skies to soothe even the most savage artistic heart. Many in shades of monotony, black and white, neutral, salted cyan, rich sepia, these skies pull the art from your mind and settle it there in your render window waiting for your final touch. Dream deep and watch your most surreal art come alive with Watchful Skies Volume 1.

Based on the set of skies in TerraDome2, these skies have been lovingly embued with deepening shades of dark and drama aimed to bring out beautiful, intricate details in the skies themselves. Marvel at the patterns, and forms you find each one. Each sky contains enough mutliple windows of distinct creativity to give you multiple different renders from each sky. Simply dial the y rotation on the Skydome, and marvel at the changes.

15 8000 x 1800 skies

15 Preset IBL setups

15 Single Skydome Mats

15 Skydome Sets

Poser Version: Poser 9 and Higher
Zip Files 1 75MB Zip
Requires: Terradome2
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio