Cute Popsicle Set Two

Cute Popsicle Set Two

Cute Popsicle Set Two. Contains the following:

Cute popsicle one
Cute popsicle two
Cute popsicle three
Cute popsicle four

Formats included:

2.Blender 3D
3.Wavefront .obj

Promo renders made using Nvidia Iray

Tested on/with
Daz Studio 4.21 Pro
Blender 2.83
Blender 2.79
Blender 3.1
Nvidia Iray

The products can be found under the directory
E:\Sharedmakedazproduct\My DAZ 3D Library\Props\zcnxxshadow\Cutepopsicles\cutepopsiclesettwo

The other two toys do not have morphs

Render engines tested on
Blender render engines Cycles and Evee
Daz Studio Render engines Filament PBR and Nvidia Iray

Can also work on Daz Studio 4.12/ Daz Studio 4.15 and up for some features

Can also work on Blender 2.8.2 and lower versions through the append method

If you have any questions regarding the product send me a message and I will respond as I possibly can.

Happy rendering

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