Suzi Moonbeam: Galaxy Defender, Part One

Suzi Moonbeam: Galaxy Defender, Part One

In a Galaxy just down the corner and across from the all-night Quasar is the small Earth-like planet of Pran. It's the year 3015 but the folks there are stuck in the 50's. The scifi 50's that is. Which is exactly where you want to be if you are sweet and adorable, have a ray-gun blaster, and a license to warp light-speed, like, Suzi Moonbeam, Galaxy Defender. Seems like this part of the cosmos is just teeming with all sorts of intergalactic creepy-crawlies needing to be prejudiced with extreme termination. From scary one-eyed, purple, people eating giant space octopods to overly mentally taxed, universe-domination-seeking megalomaniacs and strange, verbally challenged, mutants of a 3rd kind. Luckily, for us, when the universe needs saving (again), it's Suzi Moonbeam to the rescue!

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This set includes:

1) Character INJ/REM (.pz2) - Please note: - Victoria 4, ++ & Elite morphs required

~ Suzi Moonbeam Inj (full injection morph w/ textures)
~ Suzi Moonbeam Rem
~ V4 Gen Off (pz2)
~ V4 Gen On (pz2)
~ Plus a number of useful utility presets for simplifying common tasks

2) Clothing (.cr2 - 2 versions)

Suzi version (mesh is rigged specifically for Suzi)
~ Suzi Suit
~ Suzi Belt
~ Suzi Boot L/R
~ Suzi Glove L/R
~ Suzi Helmet

V4 version (mesh is rigged for the default V4 figure and supports the ++ & Elite morphs, except for emaciated and heavy)

3) Suzi Textures & MATs (.mc6) - SSS, simple (no SSS) and Superfly options. The SSS (.mc6) Mats may be used in Daz Studio IRay

~ Suzi Full MAT
~ 6 Eye Colors, plus Reflection On/Off and Tear On/Off
~ 5 Face MakeUp, plus Default Face MAT(s)
~ 5 Lip Colors, plus Default Lip MAT(s)

4) Clothing Textures & MATs (.mc6 - Superfly and Firefly versions)

a) 5 Color MAT Sets for the Suzi Outfit

~ Belt
~ Boots AquaGreen
~ Boots Gray
~ Boots Pink
~ Boots Purple
~ Boots Red
~ Gloves AquaGreen
~ Gloves Gray
~ Gloves Pink
~ Gloves Purple
~ Gloves Red
~ Helmet Collar
~ Suit AquaGreen
~ Suit Gray
~ Suit Pink
~ Suit Purple
~ Suit Red
~ Thigh Strap

b) Plus 1 AnyColor MAT Option for the Suzi Outfit

~ Belt AnyColor
~ Boots AnyColor
~ Gloves AnyColor
~ Helmet AnyColor
~ Suit AnyColor

The AnyColor mats are designed so you can easily color the clothing anyway you like.

5) Props (.pp2)

~ BootL
~ BootR
~ GloveL
~ GloveR
~ Space Helmet

* These are universal props that may be used as scene items. The boots and gloves have morph(s) for draping/discarding and may also be used in the Cloth Room. The Helmet has a morph for setting flat, such as on a table top. The helmet is not intended for use in the Cloth Room.

Software: Poser 9+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4

Requirements:  Victoria 4 ++ & Elite Morphs

Compatible figures: 
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