Prae-Gothic Veil For La Femme Poser

Prae-Gothic Veil For La Femme Poser

This is a Gothic veil that covers the eyes and hides what shouldn't be seen. The perfect accessory for La Femme for halloween. The veil has been setup to be able to be used in the Poser cloth room, but it also comes with many morphs and adjustment morphs. It comes with 6 texture sets, 12 Cloth colours and 8 rose and bead colours for Superfly and Firefly. This is a Poser product and not designed for Daz Studio.

Cloth Room Setup

Select La Femme and zero her. Load the Veil. Go to cloth room and click "New Simulation" and tick "Cloth Self-Collision". Leave all other settings as they are. Click OK. Click Clothify, click the drop down, go to Props and select the Gothic Veil, click Clothify. Next click "Collide Against". Click add/remove and select La Femme and the Ground, also untick the Headdress if it is in the scene, it is very important that it is not selected so that Poser doesn't try to calculate the Headdress in the drape. Scroll down until you see Gothic Veil and uncheck it, then click OK and then OK again for "Cloth Collision Objects" window. Move the animation slider to 30 and set a pose you want, save the scene! Then go back to the cloth room and click "Calculate Simulation". After the simulation and pose are the way you want, make sure La Femme is selected and load the headdress. If the Veil snaps back to the original position at the end of the simulation, save your scene and run the simulation again.

Headdress Morphs

Adjustment Morphs

Adjust Back
Adjust Front
Adjust Head
Adjust Left Side
Adjust Right Side
Adjust Top

Veil Morphs

Back In
Back Left
Back Long
Back Out
Back Right
Back Short
Back Spread
Back Swing In
Back Swing Left
Back Swing Out
Back Swing Right
Front Long
Front Short
Front Swing Left
Front Swing Out
Front Swing Right

Adjustment Morphs

Adjust Back
Adjust Front
Adjust Head
Adjust Left Side
Adjust Right Side
Adjust Top

Superfly and Firefly Mats


Veil Silk Black
Veil Silk Cream
Veil Silk Lemon
Veil Silk Pink
Veil Silk Purple
Veil Silk Silver
Veil Velvet Black
Veil Velvet Blue
Veil Velvet Gold
Veil Velvet Purple
Veil Velvet Red
Veil White Velvet


Beads Long Amber
Beads Long Amethyst
Beads Long Ebony
Beads Long Emerald
Beads Long Pearl
Beads Long Ruby
Beads Long Sapphire
Beads Long Silver
Beads Round Amber
Beads Round Amethyst
Beads Round Ebony
Beads Round Emerald
Beads Round Pearl
Beads Round Ruby
Beads Round Sapphire
Beads Round Silver


Roses Black
Roses Blue
Roses Gold
Roses Pink
Roses Purple
Roses Red
Roses Silver
Roses White

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: 
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