Adora Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

Adora Outfit for Genesis 8 Females

Adora Outfit for Genesis 8 Females.

Immerse yourself in the world of classic 80s animation with the Adora Outfit for Genesis 8 Females. This ensemble is a tribute to the iconic princess of power, blending nostalgia with modern digital craftsmanship for a unique and compelling addition to your 3D wardrobe.


Five-Piece Ensemble: Includes a long-sleeve turtleneck bodysuit featuring curved shoulder pads, a sleek black belt with a golden buckle, boots with a metallic twist, and gauntlets in a vibrant red to match the shoulder pads, perfectly capturing the essence of Princess Adora.

Iconic Inspiration: Drawing directly from the legendary 80s cartoon, the outfit showcases colors and designs reminiscent of Princess Adora, offering fans a piece of animation history.

Marvelous Designer Craftsmanship: Each piece of the Adora Outfit was created in Marvelous Designer, ensuring true-to-life cloth simulation and textures for unmatched digital realism.

Custom Backplate with Emission Alpha Map: Elevate your scenes with a custom backplate, complete with an emission alpha map. This feature enhances the eerie reddish glow emanating from the mouth of Grayskull, adding a layer of mystical ambiance to your renders.

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