Amahle for Genesis 8 Female

Amahle for Genesis 8 Female

The South African name Amahle means 'the beautiful one', and this new character for Genesis 8 Female will certainly bring beauty to your Daz Studio renders.

She comes with 2 detailed skin tones and a great range of contemporary makeup and accessories.

The coordinating makeup options have been created so that you can apply them separately to mix and match and easily customize her appearance, in addition to her cool geometry shell Grillz in 3 styles, fun face, nails and lip patterns, freckles, longer eyelash option and fibermesh eyebrows for added realism. Color options for the patterns are included, which can easily be customized if you prefer using the Daz Studio color picker in the Surfaces pane.

But don't limit her to just contemporary themes - Amahle is versatile enough to fit perfectly in fantasy or Sci-Fi themes too!

What's Included and Features

  • Amahle for Genesis 8 Female (.DUF)
    • Amahle Full Character Preset
    • Amahle Full Shape Apply/Remove
    • Amahle Head Apply/Remove
    • Amahle Body Apply/Remove
    • Amahle Fibremesh Eyebrows Apply
    • Amahle Eyelash Length Apply/Remove
    • Amahle Geometry Shell Grillz
  • Material Options
    • Amahle All Maps Medium Skin
    • Amahle All Maps Dark Skin
    • 03 Grillz Styles
    • Amahle L.I.E. Freckles
    • 01 Eyebrow Color
    • 08 Eye Colors
    • 03 Eyelash Colors
    • 06 L.I.E Eyeliners
    • 13 L.I.E Eyeshadows
    • 12 L.I.E Lip Colors
    • 01 Lipgloss
    • 10 Fingernail Colors + Natural Nails
    • 10 Toenail Colors + Natural Nails
    • 05 Face Patterns + 11 Color Options
    • 03 Lip Patterns + 11 Color Options
    • 04 Fingernail Patterns + 12 Color Options
  • Utilities
    • Remove Eye Makeup (Default Skin)
    • Remove Eye Makeup (Dark Skin)
    • Remove Lip Color (Default Skin)
    • Remove Lip Color (Dark Skin)
    • Remove Lip Gloss
    • Remove Face Pattern
    • Remove Lip Pattern
    • Remove Fingernail Pattern
  • Textures Include:
    • 96 Base Color, Specular, Translucency, Normal, Opacity Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

Compatible figures: