Realistic Animated Rock Pigeon

Realistic Animated Rock Pigeon

Realistic Animated Rock Pigeon Low Poly Model With Realistic Animations,

please look at the below videos, you can see the animations and how it works in different software.

rendered video:
testing in Maya:
testing in 3DS Max:
testing in Cinema4D:
testing in Blender:
testing in Unity:
testing in UnrealEngine:

download and test the executed .EXE demo app for free (built in Unity) from the below link :

LOD information (count, number of levels)
- Polygons LOD0: 12,469 (Tris LOD0: 23,096)
- Polygons LOD1: 10,131 (Tris LOD1: 20,132)
- Polygons LOD2: 3,508 (Tris LOD2: 6,906)
- Polygons LOD3: 954 (Tris LOD3: 1,752)

high-resolution (4k) PBR textures
Diffuse map
Alpha map
Normal map
AO map
Specular map
Roughness map

Available Formats:
Maya 2024 (Arnold Material)
3DS-Max 2024 (Arnold Material + Default Physic Material)
Cinema4D 2023 (Standard Material)
Blender 3.3 (Default Material)
Collada Dae
Unreal Engine 5.2
Unity 2021.3.15 (with a c# controller script)

34 different animations. List of the animations and the frames(30 fps):
walking: 2-65
running: 67-94
startFlying: 96-136
flying: 177-196
gliding: 197-411
gliding(notFlapping): 232-371
soaring: 137-156
soaringToFlyingTransition: 157-176
flyingTransitionToDescending: 512-531
descending: 532-551
landing: 552-621
gettingHit_DyingInTheAir: 412-443
falling: 444-458
hittingTheFloor: 459-508
startEating: 622-636
eating: 637-891
stopEating: 892-905
pooping: 906-1046
lookingAround: 1047-1251
goingToSleep: 1252-1521
sleeping: 1522-1541
endingOfSleep: 1542-1591
stretching: 1592-1651
cleaningItsWing: 1652-1716
cleaningItsBackWing: 1717-1826
cleaningItself: 1827-1941
scratchingHeadWithFoot : 1942-2081
attack: 2081-2111
gettingHit_DyingOnTheGround: 2111-2150
dancing: 2167-2375
turningLeft(flying): 2390-2409
turningRight(flying): 2412-2431
turningLeft(gliding): 2435-2573
turningRight(gliding): 2581-2719

the model is rigged but it hasn't rig controllers, if you need to create some new animations or edit current animations, you can do it by the joints(armatures).
I made all the animations the same way.

don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any help.

Software: Blender, UNREAL Game Engine, UNITY, FBX Format

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