HiveWire Thoroughbred

HiveWire Thoroughbred

And...they're off!!!

Refined, athletic, and muscular, the HiveWire Thoroughbred, with its speed and stamina, is ready to race into your Runtime. Your renders will look so real, you will almost be able to hear their thundering hooves coming down the main stretch!

All materials are supplied for Poser Superfly (requires Poser 11+) and Firefly, and for DAZ Studio Iray and 3Delight Render Engines.

What's Included & Features

HiveWire Thoroughbred Horse Breed for the HiveWire Horse
Fullbody Thoroughbred Horse Morph (Requires Poser 9 or newer and DAZ Studio 4.5 or newer)
Thoroughbred Horse
Thoroughbred Horse Fetlocks
Thoroughbred Horse Horse Tail
Thoroughbred Horse Mane

Morph Support for the HW Unicorn Beard, Horn and Tail.
Thoroughbred Horse Horn
Thoroughbred Horse Unicorn Beard
Thoroughbred Horse Unicorn Tail

"Load All" Scene options, Long and Short Hair for Poser Firefly and Superfly and DAZ Studio 3Delight and Iray
Load All options load the Horse, Mane, and Tail with the Thoroughbred morph on by default.

High Resolution 6000x6000 Skin Maps

1 Red Chestnut
2 Red Chestnut Socks
Fetlocks Chestnut
Mane Red Foal
Mane Red Long
Mane Red Short
Tail Red Long
Tail Red Short

Some Horse poses may require adjustments when applied to the Thoroughbred

Manual adjustment of the mane may be required when applying Horse poses to the Thoroughbred.

Poser users:

1-You have separate INJ & REM files for the Horse & individual parts. Please remember that the sequence is important and the horse must be loaded first and injected first, then all the parts and all injections must be loaded, prior to dialing up the Thoroughbred morph on the horse.

2-If you use "Load All" do NOT also INJ the morph..
3-You will achieve best results with limits on.

Poser 11 SuperFly: If you use CPU Rendering or the included CPU rendering presets, you will need to adjust the Min & Max Transparent Bounces (under the Options panel) to at least 10 and 20 respectively. You may need higher settings, depending on the CPU. This will fix any clumpy textures on the hair parts.

Special Thanks to CWRW and HiveWire Beta & QAV Teams, for their help in the development of this figure.

Software: Daz Studio 4, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

Required Products: HiveWire Horse

Animals for Poser and Daz Studio