AJ Abandoned Water Station

AJ Abandoned Water Station

This package contains 1 base figure, 2 mat-poses for this figure (Lights ON and Lights OFF) and 3 props: Barrels, Car (UAZ) and Staked Pipes. Figure consists of 4 parts. You can turn off the visibility of each part if it needed for convenient location of your camera. Just select needed part and then turn off the visibility in parameters tab.
You can open and close main gate sides using corresponding sliders.
Figure contains many areas where you can place your characters and render images in grunge, military or other themes.
I recommend to use latest versions of Poser application for easy render.
This package will be an excellent basis for your pictures and I hope that you will be able to realize your ideas and fantasies using this product
and I sincerely wish you this. So - it all depends on your imagination :-)
Use Image Based Lighting ( IBL ) and increase Shadow Blur Radius, Shadow Samples and Shadow Min Bias in light Properties tab of Poser application for other non-IBL lights. Combine this parameters to achieve best rendering results.

Before using this product in your scenes, please, disable from Poser menu: Display-Ground Shadows and Display-Guides-Ground Plane.

Also disable the "Smooth polygons" checkbox before render in Render Settings!

Product includes geometry (*.obj) file in Geometries folder.

Use Poser 6 or above versions of Poser application.
DAZ Studio: You can use this figure for DAZ Studio. (Tested in DAZ Studio 4.9).
Note, that using 3Delight renderer needs some material corrections in Surfaces tab (changing all Lighting Model to Matte and increasing bump parameters)
System Requirements:

PC (Not tested in Mac)
Poser 6 and above
Package is applicable for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 (tested)

Software: Poser 6, Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio