AtoZ DetailTime ULTRA-Mounts II v1 for Poser

AtoZ DetailTime ULTRA-Mounts II v1 for Poser

AtoZ DetailTime ULTRA Mounts II v1 for Poser
Story #1: High above in the canyon you hear the "WHOOSH!!!" of a transport going by... Well, actually it's more of an brief "ssssssssSHssssss!" that starts from far far away, makes its presence known at its loudest then dsiiappear into the distance as fast as it made itself heard. It is the sound of a transport sealed in the tuble above moving at over a thousand mile an hour at this point in its travels.

Story #2: There was never a question that we'd be putting emplacements on Petorious 6. The problem for our engeneers was exacty how to accomplish this! The jagged peaks were relatively stable, but the surface was a deep shifting dark desert of a sand-like dirt. The answer was found. Specialized ships hovered and installed the spindley braces which were long enough to be anchored deep below the surface into the bedrock of the jagged spires. Then, huge cargo lifts were used to lift in the giagantic pre-fabricated bases into place where they were fastened onto the supports.

I could go on on telling you about how the installations you can see above in the promotional pictures that came from our company's brochure of our more successful installations. But in all honesty, you can probably tell, if your firm has already invested in out Transport Tubes we engineered for Kudos, the original design concept for this set was to offer you, the owners of either AtoZ's Kudos Transportation Tubes or are building our AtoZ Massive Topside (and add-ons) entirely new ways to support your products over, above and around your planets' landscapes...

So, whether your terrains were AtoZ's Kudos Terrains or maybe TerraDome2 (Poser) or TerraDome3(DAZ3D) creations! We knew we had to provide you with an offering that would be much more universal in its application. This product grew into so much much more than we expected when we took into consideration how a more universal mounting and supporting system might end up being exactly what you didn't realize you were looking for. We love to surprise our customers.

So, may we present yet another in our catalog of offerings an AtoZ highly adjustable and EZ2Use item for your projects' demands! This particular product is made of pieces that will not separate of break even at supports scaled for our Massive Products and that's at 640+ percent! Our meterials engineers have even made the surfaces look good at what would seem to be impossible dimensions.

As you can see above in our product pictures, AtoZ's DetailTime ULTRA Mounts(UMs for short) set includes: #1 A basic series of UM Mounts like the Mount #1 that comes with Kudos Transport Tubes. But these, unlike that mount include one added item. But we did include specialized mounts for those who are in need of additional supports for the Massive Octagonal items you may be using above ground... #2 UM Braces , UM Bases and UM Mounts.

Not to mention the wide variety of Mat Poses that are included. You get Base, Metal(fancy) and Dirty Metal Mats for the braces. This includes three looks for every each of the included UM Braces... Then there are the Nine Mat poses for each of the three included UM Bases (that can be radically resized to fit you needs!) AND, the included Base and Dirty Base, Metal, Dirty Metal, Rusty, Dirty Rusty, Steampunk, Dirty Steampunk AND Steampunk with a "Dirt Terrain" for each of the three UM Bases included!

OK, so what's so special about AtoZ's DetailTime ULTRA Mounts? OK, the Braces are simple props, and the Bases are simple props too, BUT these each have high resolution materials.

Also included are UM Mounts that are are pre-configured for your convenience! Ultra Mount II(2) has a lower resolution circular center and is offered in two formats, one with a four rectangular cubic props that you can texture any way you want. And it also comes a version without the attached props. These two configurations are also included with ULTRA Mount III(3) high resolution circular center, ULTRA Mount IV which has an octagonal center.

Ultra Mounts V(5) and up(to 11) have all four of the outer included twin braces per base shrunken to 0%(hidden) and have the corresponding ULTRA Braces parented instead of the simple rectangular cubic props!
The best thing could be the UM Bases as they allow you to place your buildings, villages and cities on convoluted landscapes so that ypou don't need to do post-work!

Please look at the promotional pictures as these will give you pictures of a variety of ways you can place UM Bases and ways they can be combined with UM Braces to enhance your terrains!

Files in:

Readme's>TJM>ULTRA Mounts ... This file, your Renderosity License and a "How to Use the Mounts!" Instructional PDF which I believe you'll find worth looking at...

and you'll find your UM Mounts files in: Runtime>
Libraries>Character>TJM>Base_null (bonus item)
Libraries>Character>TJM>ULTRA MOUNTS>
Libraries>Props>TJM>ULTRA Mounts (and bonus) Smart>
Libraries>Pose>TJM>ULTRA Mounts> subdirectories
Base MATs>
Braces MATs>
Mounts MATs>
Libraries>Pose>TJM>Universal LoRes MAT Poses (two bonus 17 materials "Universal" MAT Poses (use 1Kx1K Files only)
Geometries>TJM>ULTRAMounts and Misc> (for Base_null)
Textures>TJM> (for bonus Univesal 17s)
Textures>TJM> ("hidden" bonus 2 undocumented new Kudos Textures for AtoZ's crossroads terrain not included)
If you add this comprehensive mounting AtoZ DetailTime product to your libraries, may I thank you in advance!
Please let me know via Renderosity's Member's Messaging System if you post a gallery entry using this or any AtoZ Products you may own! Thank You again!
Copyright 2019 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. Renderosity License included.

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