AtoZ FLEXI Elven Stairs Plus I v1

AtoZ FLEXI Elven Stairs Plus I v1

AtoZ DetailTime FLEXI Elven Stairs PLUS I v1

Elves and fairies haven't always been in conflict, or at least a precieved one. Elves may be magical but there are things they just can't do. "Like what?" you ask. Well as light as they are on their feet and as magically as they seem to appear and disappear out of thin air, they can't fly. And so agreements over the ages have been made by elven kings, queens and fairy elders when one group wants something from the other.
At one Grand Cousel meeting the Queen of the Elves Evylin asked of the Elder of the Faries, "Kinderkee, I need something from you that I hope you can provide." Now, when one group wanted something of the other they always began this way. First placing themselves as ones in need, as though weaker than the other. Then, even if they know the other group can provide what they are asking for, asking in such a way assures that they don't seem to be assuming anything of or about the other, diplomacy at the highest level. Of course, both groups had unique high abilities that were never discussed. This was the way over the millennium there had never been war between them and they had always allied when either was threatened.
The queen had paused long enough. "We need to bridge the Lothren Gorge and it must be impenetrable ... Can you think of any way you might be able to help us?" The queen phrased it this way so that the fairys could be the ones to come up with the magical designs even though the queen had a good idea of what she wanted.
"Grumph," The fairy's eldest cleared his throat. "No planer am I... Frieda can I call upon you?"
This caught the young fairy completely by suprize! There were dozens of older more experienced builders among the top fairys who had incredible talent. So startled by her being selected she was caught for a moment with her mouth agape.
"Morgut got your tongue?" Kinderkee challenged. He knew perfectly well that he was going to startle the young builder. The laughter that followed gave Frieda a chance to gather herslf, though she was still a bit off balance as she replied.
"N... n... No my lord! Please allow me a moment or two to ponder this." Her mind flew over high above the deep twenty mile Lothren Gorge. She saw that many locations were ill-suited to such a bridge. Then as her mind flew she saw the place. 'AH! That's it!' she thought to herself. 'The waterfall thal will be the ideal place!" Having quickly thought of that place she suddenly remembered protocol. So, she quickly requested of her queen, "Elder Kinderkee please allow me to consult Fragolt for but a moment." He was the senior builder.
"You may do so Frieda ... Make that a quick moment," Queen Evylin ordered. Then looking directly at Kinderkee said, "We have many more issues to discuss this day."
Evylin was pleased. 'I knew I chose the right bright young mind. When the young and old work together, just as in all our ranks, it often leads to simply amazing things!" Frieda and Fragolt put their heads together and indeed wonderful thing were going to be created.
And so AtoZ's FLEXI Elven Stairs came to be! The Fairys had the magic to create floating, crystaline and disappearing materials and the Elves had the gold ands silver both to pay for the Steps/Stairs/Bridges and to adorn them.
FYI: If you're interested in such things ... That's Frieda coming out of the cave stepping onto the AtoZ Fairy Stairs installed as a bridge. She's about to walk upward into the mist and past the Waterfall. (see the Promo Pics ... And AtoZ Gallery!)
BTW: Frieda is textured in (sadly) a discontinued The Girl/V3 Texture Cirque des Faeries: Naissance (na tx-757b) converted to V4/Genesis and she's got/wearing Enchanted Wings.

Fairy Steps come in twelve styles: Floating Magical Steps with and without railings and Steps to be mounted around trees or against cliffs also with and without railings.
The Fairy Steps Figures come in three varieties: One set of 12 with Starter Setting which you can readjust to your liking. Second set of 12 with zero settings and default textures. These have a "D" in their name. And lastly 12 that have the "fancy/special" Texture Sets applied but are labeled "Super Zero'd".
MAT Poses too: Of course you can colorize these steps to your taste or take advantage of the three included MAT pose settings for each of the twelve (36 total): Solid, Fancy Texture and Translucent.

Plus you get a both a Three Way and a Four Way "Intersection" Platform and a Fairy Lantern Prop as well

Note: "Scale ALL" has been renamed to "Scale ALL/Hide" Settings are to Max 120% Hide is 0? These are designed for "simple" Poser 7 use. As you experiment with them in Poser and if you try them other programs, I strongly advise you select them in the Heirachy Editor or equivalent like Scene Tab in DAZ3D. Even accidentally clicking/selecting them may require you to quickly use a [Ctrl] = (undo) to preserve your models setting.

You also get an interesting pair of Simple Staircases that a witch, worlock or magician might use in a hallway at home. Think up to the second floor, level in the hall and/or down to the basment below!

And also included are Paths/Trails for you to play with and add to your scenes. Used carefully, they make great worn paths to place in a field or forest. Carefully means take a look at the sections of each that I have modified and included as samples. Using different scale setting per section gives you the freedom to insert these paths so they fit as realistically as possible. Example: Load Trail 01z 25Xs and inspect the settings for each section! Note: materials repeat every five sections (by design to keep the paths as realistic as possible).

Materials for the "crystline look" created in Substance Painter. Most setting that would make this PBR were not used in teh included Poser 7 creations. So there's even more for you to have fun with!
If you add these A2Z FLEXI-Objects product to your libraries, may I thank you in advance.

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Software: Poser 7+

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