AtoZ Geeble Industrial I v1

AtoZ Geeble Industrial I v1

AtoZ Geeble Industrial I v1

AtoZ's domed sealed and secured City Walls needs its air scrubbed clean! The massive tower-like Geeble Air Scrubber takes on this role. At its core is a cross ventilation system that feeds air through a crisscross grid of nano-activated charcoal rods* and huge heating tubes. You can turn off the eight large articulated cross ventilation fans then close the two or four of the intake/exhaust panels. Next fire up the liquid fuel heaters (note the included Geeble Liquid Fuel Tank and piping!). This will both heat the tubes and either boil the impurities off of or burn them onto the tubes as a thick coating of dry impurities on them. Finally turn on a slow rotation of the vertical intake fan at the top of the tower and set the carbon cores to vibrate (imagination required). Turn on top of the Scrubber's Water Jets and start the cleaning cycle. The impurities flood through the core to the floor of the complex. The impurities are washed off the core tubes and the water captures them and whisks them away down the large base drains. Finish rinsing off the carbon tubes to your content (imagination also required). Open the intake vent panels on with the fans to pass the air over at carbon tubes. Repeat cycle all day and night long (or as necessary). Voila! Clean air!

*Did you know that one cubic inch of powdered Activated Charcoal has a surface area of 186,000 square feet? Imagine the area of Nano AC! This is when an air scrubber becomes an AIR SCRUBBER!

Now multiple scrubbers are usually located on the outskirts of a Geeble Domed City Wall Complex. Therefore the fuel and water tanks and necessary electricity power plants are usually far from a scrubber or a scrubber complex. This set comes with bent pipes, flanges and (read below) Magic Straight Pipes that will allow you to build your own massive geeble and greeble (etc) city complex and separate tanks and scrubbers at a safe distance from one another.

So, this huge Geeble Air Scrubber has ERC controls for 1) Its four first level Ventilation Fans 2) Both sets of its second level twin opposing Vent Panels 3) Its four Third Level Fans and 4) Lastly the top ventilation fan.

The Liquid Fuel (or Oxygen) Tank has no moving parts. But on its top features three spring actuated Pressure Relief Valves (with non-operational manual releases) and Fog Horn style Vent Stacks. No, there is no ladder or stairway up to these all maintenance personnel are dropped off by mag lev vehicles (not included). The spherical tank also at its base has a large Pump House and this set comes with piping (shown in the Promo Pics) that feed necessary fuel (and water*) to the towers.

This set also comes with a Magical Pipe! How Magical? Very! Lengthen the Octagonal pipe, Scale it or Show/Hide or Move either of its end pieces. You can also Show/Hide the Flanges themselves. Did AtoZ ERC this Magical Pipe? No, all you have to do is click on the pieces and operate their dials that show what each does. Hint: If you Hide either of the ends, you can still move the Flanges with the end dial!

You can also create piping complexes with this Magical Pipe and the included Small and 90 degree bent Pipes (with flanges) and the single and quad small and large piping found in the Liquid Fuel Tank !Preload.

Also included is a very scalable Turbo Pump which you can attach to the included piping.

So! with this set you can CLEAN UP THE AIR!

* Note: Yes this set could require very large Water storage tanks ... AtoZ Geeble Industrial II coming soon.
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