AtoZ Geeble Spaceport 1 v1

AtoZ Geeble Spaceport 1 v1

AtoZ Geeble Spaceport 1 v 1

NEW AtoZ LOW Pricing for you...

Tower Four?
Yes Cargo 23...
We're on Pad 5 powering down.
Thanks Cargo 23, The two of you put down Antares 261 as lightly as a feather...
Thank you Tower Four... We do try to please...
It'll be in the report.
Thanks 4
Security Base Team 2?
Yes Tower 2...
Are you almost ready for the injuries that are ready to disembark Antaries 261?
Give us about five minutes more and we'll take the hijackers off the ship... Yes, we've go Medical with us.
Keep us informed Team 2.
Will do Tower Two, Team 2 out.
Vanguard 671... Tower 3 here... you got that over heating under control?
Yes Tower 3... Thanks for all the fans...
Thanks! And be sure that you let the crews down there know.
Yes, we're in touch with the droid that positioned those fans for us.
Tower 1 here... We're off break now and ready to help any one who wants out of their holding pattern.
Tower 1?
Yes, Cyclone 56.
We'll land next to Cargo 23 on Pad 5 when you're ready for us.
We're ready Cyclone 56... Bring her in.
We're in the flight line ready for our vertical drop.
See you soon.
It was a busy morning at Spaceport 1!

AtoZ Geeble Spaceport 1 is in the Greeble environment HUGE!
The Spaceport itself ready for almost all your spacecraft and ground vehicles. Well, I consider the size of a (6%) Antaries to be a good measure of just how big this Spaceport is! It's built with an articulated Shield Wall so that it can be installed off shore or if your spacecraft commanders are trustworthy and fly like the best, why not place the Spaceport right near city center, a rather handy place!

This offering includes the Space Station with the Shield Wall and Pad One Security Wall with its four articulated Dual Doors, Ground Guidance Lights (blue), Tower Clearance Lights (red) PLUS three Articulated Hangers of different sizes with Front and Back Doors AND Two Side Walk in Access Doors each. Of course there are the three different Articulated Cooling Fans, an Articulated Ground Area Lighting Assembly, a multi-purpose Tank Container, Two Open Storage Sheds and an Articulated
Operations Building with one side door and an elevator.

AND: A Door Operations Console plus Two handy Vents (useful in places like on any of the Hangers!

Bonus: To play with in the Materials Room... Fans Blades (motion Blur) files with a two transparency files...

Note: All the Control Towers have see through glass and two Floor that you can populate as you wish! Regular DAZ and Poser
Items will need to be resized to about 6% (unless they are Greebles).

All the included items are Poser 7+ format .cr2 files for Figures or .pp2 files Props based on .obj Geometry and
.jpg Texture files.

DAZ3D file formats are not included, but you can tell by looking at the AtoZ Gallery renders that emissive lighting and
the included Poser product placements will work in DAZ3D (Note: some articulated items may not obey the set Poser limits).

Software: Poser 7+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio