Creepy Cemetery for Poser

Creepy Cemetery for Poser

This set contains:

Terrain with opening gates and separate horizon
Mausoleum with opening door and dials to hide ivy and roof
Coffin with lid
Hearse with opening doors and dial to adjust yoke
Angel Statue with dial to cover in ivy
Grim Reaper Statue with dial to cover in ivy
Memorial with dial to cover in ivy
Monument01 (slender metal spire)
Monument02 (large stone edifice)
Tree02 (different build)
Fresh Grave with dial to raise the dead
Stone Cross
Grave01 with iron work and stone bed
Grave02 reversible with curved top
Grave03 reversible with pointed top
Grave04 reversible with rounded top

Options to load complete scene or individual elements

Lighting Preset
10 Camera Presets

Poser 7+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio