Dungeon Shafts, Vents & Chimneys for Poser

Dungeon Shafts, Vents & Chimneys for Poser

How about a more logical dungeon that lets your monsters breath and enjoy a cool drink of water? How about even more tunnels and narrow passages to challenge thieves, assassins and surface dwellers? Shafts, Vents & Chimneys is a collection of parts to add air and water resources to your dungeon. You also get a complete toilet room (where do guards go?), three special water / air wall fountains, and two types of vent systems, including rain covers and grates.

About Dungeon Depths: The First Level
Dungeon Depths: The First Level is a set of individual collections of models that together provide the components you need to create fantasy role-play game style 3D maps with your favorite 3D design tool. Designs are beautiful, and include both bump and normal maps for application of bumps or true displacements. Dungeon Depths: The First Level is the perfect complement to DungeonFolks(tm) RPG style characters also from Meshbox Design.

Components: Curtain, Fountain (3), grate (2), stone roof edge (2), circular roof, square roof, straight shaft (8), corner shaft (6), connection shaft (4), diagonal shaft (8), T connection shaft (4), toilet, toilet alcove, toilet roof, All Elements, Square Shaft Complete, Circular Shaft Complete, Toilets Complete

Software: Poser 8+

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