Egyptian Village Perfumer for Poser

Egyptian Village Perfumer for Poser

The Perfumer is a member of the small but rising mercantile class that serves the wealthy and the nobility with its high quality luxury goods. The center of the building is open to the sun, allowing natural processes to dry certain elements. A shop area is near the well decorated entry, whereas in the back, you can find small tables with alchemist tools and vessels. In the back, there is a storage and living area. Nobles can enter if they wish, or send servants to summon the perfumer to court - where the elite can sample perfumes and other fragrances.

Poser version includes completed geometry, dial driven doors, and more from this Egyptian Village Volume 1 series. Ancient Egypt Volume 1 is a series of 3D models based around buildings found in the dynastic era of Egypt. Create ancient world and Biblical scenes easily with these fully furnished models based on Egyptian life.

Components: Complete, Empty, bed, bench, bottle (3), brazier, chair, chest, column, flask, jug (2), mortar, pestle, picture, plate, prop, sack, scale, table, tripod, tube

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