Egyptian Village Sandal Maker for Poser

Egyptian Village Sandal Maker for Poser

The sandal maker makes sandals that the poor man cannot afford - sandals made primarily of leather. A large work room leads up to the roof, where leather is stretched and dried. Out in front, there are displays where you can see several pre-made sandals. The back features the living quarters of the sandal maker. The wealthy can sit on cool stone, and have slaves put their sandals on.

Poser version includes completed geometry, dial driven doors, and more from this Egyptian Village Volume 1 series. Ancient Egypt Volume 1 is a series of 3D models based around buildings found in the dynastic era of Egypt. Create ancient world and Biblical scenes easily with these fully furnished models based on Egyptian life.

Complete, Empty, bed, bench, chair, chest, column (3), dryer (2), hammer, pliers, parts, punch, sandal, showcase (2), table, tanpan, workplace

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