Egyptian Village Scribe for Poser

Egyptian Village Scribe for Poser

The Egyptian Scribe is a member of the rising merchant class, authorized by the courts to create documents. The Egyptian scribe lives and works both within the same building - his home and office. The first floor is dedicated almost entirely to family living. However after passing through his garden, clients go up the stairs to the scribe's office. The walls are covered with racks of scrolls, and he himself works with a freshly cleaned writing skin. A desk for his apprentice is nearby.

Poser version includes completed geometry, dial driven doors, and more from this Egyptian Village Volume 1 series. Ancient Egypt Volume 1 is a series of 3D models based around buildings found in the dynastic era of Egypt. Create ancient world and Biblical scenes easily with these fully furnished models based on Egyptian life.

Contents: Complete, Empty, bed, bench, carpet, chair, chest, column, frame, ink pot, plate, pot, scroll (2), scrolls, scroll base, shelf (2), skin, table, quill

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