Four Birdhouses - OBJ

Four Birdhouses - OBJ

This collection includes four wooden birdhouses, one small Meadow Lark ("Passeriformes sturnella"), and one bird's nest with five eggs, small flowers and leaves.

The first birdhouse is a simple grey-blue house mounted on a metal bracket and includes the Meadow Lark. The Meadow Lark and metal bracket are independent objects that can be saved out and used in other settings. The birdhouse can be hung from a tree or mounted on a post or wall, if desired.

The second birdhouse is a wooden shed in a forest setting. Four wooden trees surround the shed. The shed has a wooden railing for a bird perch, and some cut firewood stacked on the side.

The third birdhouse is a simple tall red house with front door, window and shed on the side.

The fourth birdhouse is a round tower on a shelf, with detailed bird's nest on a second shelf. The bird's nest is an independent object that can be saved out and used in another setting. The bird's nest contains five blue-speckled eggs and has bits of clover, leaves and pink flower bells tangled in the straw. If you want to delete the bird's nest from this birdhouse, a small flower pot or ivy can go on the second shelf. Ivy looks particularly good climbing around this birdhouse.

This package includes some additional base paint colors in the Textures Folder, in case you wish to apply other colors to the painted parts of these birdhouses. The wooden and metal parts are UV mapped, so you can apply other materials to these parts as well.

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