Gold Christmas Elements - OBJ

Gold Christmas Elements - OBJ

This package contains three kinds of gold Christmas "accents" for decorating walls, windows, doors, table tops or the fireplace hearth in your Christmas scenes.

There is --

A high resolution "scatter" of randomly positioned and randomly oriented gold snowflakes. This accent looks on a table, surrounded by candles or small wooden Christmas toys. It can form the centerpiece of a Christmas dinner table.

Six hanging Snowflake Christmas Balls of different sizes and chain lengths can be arranged in different ways for doors, windows and backdrop walls. Snowflakes circle the tops of the balls, and also form the gold chains from which the balls are hanging. Each part of the hanging Snowflake Christmas Balls is a separate object, so you can apply different colored materials to them to make many attractive arrangements.

Five unique high resolution snowflakes hang from narrow mylar or cloth ribbons of three different lengths. The ribbons are attached to horizontal wall studs or a vertical pin that could hang from a ceiling or window well top. Although all these objects are currently colored in various shades of gold metal, they can be given different materials. Note that the hanging snowflakes are high resolution so you may apply a crystal material to them as shown in the last image.

This package contains two complete sets of PBR materials for the objects - one in Plain Gold and one in Darker Gold. Use these if your renderer does not contain pre-built gold metal materials.

Poser 6, Cinema 4D, iClone, LightWave, Carrara

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