Lifeguard Station

Lifeguard Station

The Lifeguard Station is a 9-piece set replicating a beach lifeguard station.
The set features the lifeguard station structure itself along with a large beach
model to place it on. It also comes with lifeguard swimsuits for both a V4 and M4
character along with several lifeguard accessory props.

The V4 and M4 swimsuit figures have plenty of sizing morphs (FBMs) that will
allow them to fit most any V4 and/or M4 character.

The Lifeguard Station includes the following clothing figures and props:

Clothing Figures (CR2):

- M4 LG Swimsuit
- V4 LG Swimsuit

Props (PP2):

- !!Beach
- !LG-Station
- LGS-Binoculars
- LGS-Chair
- LGS-L_Saver
- LGS-Phone
- LGS-R_Board

Everything comes as conforming clothing figures and props that can be loaded
from the Category menu under your Figures and Props sections. The set also
provides a PZ3 file that will load in all of the props with a default lighting

The Lifeguard Station also comes with the texture templates to allow you to give
the clothing and props a custom look of your own design.

You will need Poser 5+ or Daz Studio & optionally Daz's V4 and M4 characters to
use this set and outfits.

Requirements: Poser 5+ or Daz Studio & (optionally) Daz's V4 & M4 characters

Compatible figures: 
Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio