Modular Theatre 3 Lobby/Facade

Modular Theatre 3 Lobby/Facade

This item contains:
Lobby Base Model containing 36 built-in morphs
(12x Open/Close Lobby Door
4x Open/Close Lower Door
4x Open/Close Stall Door
4x Open/Close Circle Door
Open/Close Cloakroom Door
Open/Close Box Office Door
4x Switch Poster
4x Remove Poster
Remove Roof
Remove Auditorium Doors
Remove Canopy
Remove Chandeliers
Remove Cloakroom
Remove Cloakroom Hooks
Remove Box Office
Cinema Hatch Open/Close)
Lamp Posts (with Remove Rope Lights morph)
Tree (with Remove Leaves morph)
Potted Plant
Counter (with Remove Cash Register morph)

2 Light Sets for Interior/Exterior
10 Cameras
Easy to use template to create your own theatre posters

All textures created at 300dpi

Set can be used standalone or in conjunction with Modular Theatre 1:Stage/Backstage and Modular Theatre 2: Auditorium

Poser 6, Poser 7+, Poser Pro 2010+, Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev, Poser Debut, Poser 9+, Poser 11

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio