Movie Sets, City Block 06

Movie Sets, City Block 06

Thanks for looking at my new line of Movie Set Models. This is a very exciting line!

The parts are interchangeable. There will be a total of 9 different sets to choose from.

Each set will come with the surrounding streets and empty lots to give you a base for a city scene.

All the blocks have gutters, drains, curbs, as well as a grass texture to fill in the empty lot.

When you get a new set, simply load the block and move it to the deleted empty lots coordinates.

I have the City Blocks set up so you can move them easily to any one of the 9 locations.

That is not all! Once you move a block to a location, you can easily rotate the block and

all the goodies go along for the ride! So you can buy one set and have four different corners

meeting at one intersection by simply loading 1 block 4 times and moving and rotating to do so.

All appropriate limits are set for ease of moment.

If you end up with all 9 sets there are at least 324 possible set up combinations.

Each City Block is perfectly square, so they can be rotated in place and have them line up just great!

For more details, read the what is included in the set list.

There are many possible backdrop locations for a seemingly endless

variety of scenes.

Many of the objects are free to be moved to other locations, or

saved as individual objects to be used in your other scenes.

I have included the original .obj files so you can use them in other programs

Not tested in Daz Studio

~~~~~~~~~~~~Here is the list of objects included.~~~~~~~~~~~~

This set has the Bakery, Columbia Tower and, the First Bank separated

in the hierarchy so you can save any one of them as a separate prop.


1 Bakery Building with interior spaces and many Architectural Details

9 Top Window Sashes with limits Set

9 Bottom Window Sashes with limits Set

6 Swing Doors with limits set

9 Overhead Doors with limits set

1 Park Style slatted Bench

1 Front Loading Dock with access to interior spaces

1 Rear Loading Dock with access to interior spaces

1 Inner Dock Area Front

1 Inner Dock Area Rear

1 Office Space with 3 entry doors and 9 Windows

1 Dust Collection System with Dust Hopper and Pipes

1 Drop Off 8 Yard Dumpster filled or empty if you make the load material transparent

1 Dumpster with working Lid and height adjustable Trash load with limits set

6 Crates on the docks that can be moved

1 Fire Hydrant that can be moved

1 Used Tire that can be moved

1 Hand Cart that can be moved

1 Empty Pallet

1 Pallet with Crates attached

3 Parking Bumpers

1 large Red Traffic Cone

1 Small Yellow Traffic Cone

1 Newspaper Box

1 Wood Road Traffic Buck


1 Columbia Tower With Heliport on top


1 First Bank with Air Conditioning units on the roof

1 Inner City Block with Sidewalks

8 Outer City Blocks that can each be deleted or hidden

1 Inner City Streets

1 Outer City Streets

1 Set of Road Signs

1 Set of Weeds

1 Single Round Weed

1 Single Flat Weed

1 Power Pole and Power Line System

18 basic Camera sets to get you started

18 matching Light Sets to get you started

12 Material Library

149 Material Maps

Not tested in Daz Studio or any other program

May not be used in Second Life for any purpose.

All content by Dreamland Models.

Requirements:  Poser 7 and above

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio