Movie Sets, City Block 09

Movie Sets, City Block 09

The parts are interchangeable. There will be a total of 9 different sets to choose from. Each set will come with the surrounding streets and empty lots to give you a base for a city scene. All the blocks have gutters, drains, curbs, as well as a grass texture to fill in the empty lot. When you get a new set, simply load the block and move it to the deleted empty lots coordinates. I have the City Blocks set up so you can move them easily to any one of the 9 locations.

That is not all! Once you move a block to a location, you can easily rotate the block and all the goodies go along for the ride! So you can buy one set and have four different corners meeting at one intersection by simply loading 1 block 4 times and moving and rotating to do so.

All appropriate limits are set for ease of moment. If you end up with all 9 sets there are at least 324 possible set up combinations. Each City Block is perfectly square, so they can be rotated in place and have them line up just great!

For more details, read the what is included in the set list.

There are many possible backdrop locations for a seemingly endless variety of scenes. Many of the objects are free to be moved to other locations, or saved as individual objects to be used in your other scenes.

I have included the original .obj files so you can use them in other programs.

Not tested in Daz Studio.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is the list of objects included.~~~~~~~~~~~~

3 Buildings all with interiors Each may be saved for use in other scenes. Full exterior walls on this set

Building 1 is called National Box Company

It is a two story building that used to be a factory for building crates and boxes.

It has the following items

1 Office with adjoining Bosses Office
1 Counter to wait on customers with a Flip Top Counter, to let you into the office space
7 various doors that swing
1 leads to the Basement for those monster in the basement scenes there is only a stairway and a corner to turn for the basement, for effect, not a full basement, just a place for the Monsters to hide.

1 functional Freight Elevator with an interior Wire Gate like those used to keep you from falling out.

Each floor has two Gates. One goes up, the other goes down to let you in and to keep you from falling down the shaft while in use

1 Loading Dock with 8 Overhead Doors that open, complete with Tracks and Openers
1 Loading Crane that functions for unloading the first two Dock Bays
1 Roof Elevator Access Room, does not open
1 Huge 3 dimensional Roof sign with Support Frame
6 Large Skylights with Arched Glass and Iron Frames
1 Crane Load with straps
9 Crates placed on Main Floor movable
1 Factory Cart complete with Stakes and Front and Back Wheels that turn
1 Empty Pallet complete model
1 Tall Stack of Pallets that can be used in the background. It is a low poly count model, so you can have a lot of them in the scene if you like.
1 Short Stack of Pallets that can be used in the background. It is a low poly count model, so you can have a lot of them in the scene if you like.
1 Pallet loaded with what seems to be 8 crates. All one model
1 Metal Shelving unit with 12 different sized Cardboard Boxes loaded on the shelves. Boxes are movable, so is Shelving Unit.
1 Metal Shelving Unit empty and moveable

Conduit and Power Outlets on both floors pretty much on all walls

1 Trash Barrel
1 Old Tire
1 Workbench
1 Wooden Stool
1 Florescent Light that can be place elsewhere in the building
46 Florescent Lights are attached to National Box Company
1 Furnace Room , does not open, with full two story Duct System including Hangers and Vents and a Exhaust Vent through the Roof.

This structure is built with 36 inch tall, 8 inch wide Red Iron I-Beams, supported with 8" x 8" Red Iron I type Columns
The space is quite expansive which does allow for a variety of scene set ups.

All the windows have transparency maps to give you the option to have rays of light coming into your scene

Probably more items or features I might be forgetting. :-)

Building Two is called Consolidated Manufacturing Company

This is an out of business, small manufacturing plant, with an interior
This structure is built with 16 inch tall, 8 inch wide Red Iron I-Beams, supported with 8" x 8" Red Iron I type Columns

It has 2 Loading Dock Bays with old fashions Swing Dock Doors

1 Furnace room that does not open
1 Chimney
1 Interior Stairway that leads to the upper dock area
1 Sidewalk level double door entry for bringing in machinery
11 Swing Doors total
15 Florescent Lights attached to the Building
Conduit and Power Outlets pretty much on all walls, including the Office
1 Rear Sidewalk to access the Rear Entry Stairway and Platform
2 Large Skylights to let in sunlight
1 Office with Glass Windows that look into the Shop area and Large Windows that look to the Street and Dock Area.
1 Foyer with Storage Roof above and an Access Ladder to get to it.

Building Three is called Roberts Used cars
This place is a hopping used Car Lot that is still in business.
You will find nothing but the best Used Cars on this lot!

5 Large Light Poles
1 108 foot tall Sign to get the attention of your customers
1 32 foot high Sign over the entry gates
The property is surrounded by an 8 foot high Chain Link and Barbed Wire Fence.
3 Large Balloons and several Flag Streamers on Rope
1 Bathroom that doe not open
The Office does have nice wallpaper and a desk and chair, all you need to sell cars


1 Inner City Block with Sidewalks
8 Outer City Blocks that can each be deleted or hidden
1 Inner City Streets
1 Outer City Streets
1 set of Road Signs
1 Set of Weeds
1 Single Round Weed
1 Single Flat Weed
1 Power Pole and Power Line System
26 basic Camera sets to get you started
26 matching Light Sets to get you started
32 Material Library
324 total materials in the scene
254 Material Maps includes some bump maps
Material glow effects in promotional images, are accomplished in the graphics program Vue,(Neon lights etc..) and may not be possible in Poser.

Vue is an E-On software product
All promotional images, completed in Vue
Objects not included in this description are not included.
Not tested in Daz Studio or any other program
May not be used in Second Life for any purpose.
All content by Dreamland Models.

Requirements:  Poser 7 and Above

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio