Private Investigators Office

Private Investigators Office

My humble homage to the golden age of private investigators!
Everything you need for "Film Noir" scene is here;
I targeted period, roughly around 1945-1955. and I tried to model elements from that time.

Room's architecture, furniture and decorative objects... everything just awaits for your shady detective and damsel in distress.

There are over 50 elements rigged together; room, furniture, props... everything can be moved and re-arranged. Furthermore, you can select each and every element, save it as a prop in your library and use it in your own, different, environment.

Scene elements set:

Floor (base element, everything is rigged to this prop)

Fan blades (rotate option)

Back wall
Door (open close)
Fake corridor ('dummy' scene behind door)
Photo on wall 3

Left wall

Right wall
Photo on wall 1
Photo on wall 2

Front wall (with open/close left or right window)
Curtains right (open/close morph)
Shades right (up/down, open/close, distort morph)
Curtains left (open/close morph)
Shades left (up/down, open/close, distort morph)
Books stack 1
Books stack 2
Desk (open/close left, middle, right drawer morph)
Desk bottle
Desk glass
Desk ashtray
Desk phone
Desk matches
Desk lamp
Desk folders
Desk folder
Desk paperclips
Desk photo
Desk pen
Desk notepad
Desk planner
Desk book
Desk papers
Desk cogarettes

Wooden cabinet (no morphs for drawers)
Wooden cabinet stuff

Metal cabinet 1 (open/close drawers morph)
Metal cabinet stuff

Metal cabinet 2 (open/close drawers morph)
Cloth hanger
Water cooler
Client chair
PI Chair

6 light sets are included; 3 for day and 3 for night

Few more things:
- Scenes visible from the windows on promotional images are from my
"Terrasphere" product (not included).
- Telephone is just simple prop (no moveable or morphable parts).
- Yes, typewriter is missing (not an easy thing to model).

Software: Poser 6+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio