The home of the homeless

The home of the homeless

The home of the homeless.

The home of the homeless is a scenery of an old ruined house no longer in use. Which make it a perfect home for the homeless.

It consist of 37 unique objects, 8 predefined light settings and 3 different material settings for mattresses and 2 for oil barrels. The house comes with fully functionally doors and windows, which can be easy opened and closed using the normal translation and rotation tools.

Next to the house is a small shed which is perfect for storage otherwise the attic can hold a large amount of items as well.

As part of the package is also performance friendly grass which can be used to spice up renders, the grass is actual objects, so can be placed whereever you feel like and blend nicely into the scene with the rest.

The house is seperated into sections which can be moved indiviually and will make it easy to work around the house even in narrow places.

Product have been tested in Daz3D and works there as well, however as im not an expert in that program the predefined light settings might need to be corrected or some render options might need to be adjusted that im not aware of.

However any graphical program capable of importing OBJ-files will work with this product.

List of objects in the package
1x Pile of bricks
1x Brick wall
1x Cabinet
1x Cardboard box
1x Clutter pile (consist of a roof piece, concrete tube and old cable)
3x Concrete piles
1x Door
1x Fence
3x Grass pile
1x Ground
1x Gutter piece
1x House (bottom part)
1x House front fence
1x House (main part)
1x House porch
1x House roof
1x House roof structure
1x Ladder
1x Mattress (including 3 materials)
1x Oil barrel (including 2 materials)
1x Old metal pipes
1x Pallet (pile)
1x Pallet (single)
3x Plank pile
1x Power box with cable
1x Door to the attic
1x Shed
2x Shelves
1x Window
1x Broken window

System Requirements

Any program able to import OBJ files.

Requirements: Poser, Daz3d or any program capable of reading OBJ files.

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