Tower of Illusion for Poser

Tower of Illusion for Poser

The Tower of Illusion is a high hall of students of Illusion Magic and one of the two dominant schools in the Towers of Magic - Illusionists deal not only with visual and mental illusions, but all sensory stimulous. On the roof are the Crystals of Life, the powerful tools of the High Illusionist. This multi-floored model includes a great hall, the hall of learning, the main council hall, master's private quarters and library. One floor is open to the air, allowing passage over the wizards bridges and the landing of flying mounts.

The Tower of Illusion is opposed by the Tower of Necromancy and associated color is white.

The Poser version of this model includes dial driven doors and prop versions of components.

Components: basin, bed, book, book opened, bookcase, case, chair, crystal (2), crystal ball, door (2), magic light, mirror, table, throne, wizard's staff, First Illusionist painting,

The Towers of Magic are each member schools in the Order, the most high order of wizardry. Each tower represents a specific school of magic known to players of the world's most popular role-playing game.

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