Bella Lively & Nightshade

Bella Lively & Nightshade

A classic beauty and her ghostly alter ego: Bella Lively and Nightshade. A host of options are presented in this package to cast Victoria 4.1 in the role of charmingly natural girl next door, gothic pinup model, or hauntingly beautiful spirit of the night.

Twenty makeup options, a full dozen brow colors, and a full shader set each for Bella Lively and Nightshade complement her custom head morph to create a truly unique and easily customizable look. All textures are high resolution, so you never need to fear getting close!

What's Included and Features

  • Bella Lively and Nightshade Character Set
    • Custom Head Morph
      • INJ/REM Poses
    • 3 Additonal Head Morph Poses Using Victoria 4.1 Morphs++
      • MOR/REM Poses
    • Pinup-Style Body Morph
      • Uses Victoria 4.1 Morphs++ For Easy Fitting Of Clothing
      • MOR/REM Poses
    • Shader Settings For All Textures
      • Bella Lively Tone
      • Nightshade Tone
      • Included MAT Files
      • Materials-Based Ambient Occlusions For The Skin
      • 20 Makeup Face Textures Plus Nude "Default" Face Texture With No Makeup
        • High Resolution Maps (4000x4000
          • Color Texture
          • Specularity
          • Bump
        • Separate MATs For Lips And Face Makeup
          • Lip Maps (2500x2500)
        • 3 Matte And Shine Options Per Makeup
        • Matching Natural And Wild "False" Lash MATs For All Makeups
      • 12 Shades For Transmapped Brows In 12 Shades
        • MATs Included
        • Brows On/Off Pose File
        • Matching Natural Lashes For All Brow Colors
      • 10 Eye Textures Included (2500x2500)
        • Color Texture Maps
        • Bump Maps
        • 40 Shader Based Eye Color Options
        • No Painted on Reflections
      • 22 Shader Based Nail Color Options (Default "No Nail Polish")
        • Matte And Gloss
        • Match Makeup Options
      • High Resolution Face, Limbs, And Body Textures (4000x4000)
        • Bump Map
        • Specularity Map
        • Color Texture Map
      • Complete Set of Corresponding DAZ Studio Materials
        • Simple Shader Version
          • Bella Basic
        • 2 PWSurface Versions
          • Bella Lively
          • Nightshade
        • Lively Eyes
        • Nightshade Eyes
        • Brows
        • Lashes
        • Nails


This product has 3 full installers, including an installer with DAZ Studio Optimized Materials.

Compatible Figures:

Victoria 4

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio, Poser

Required Products:

Victoria 4.2 Morphs++

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: