Bryce Instance Grass

Bryce Instance Grass

Soft lush meadows on rolling hills, or sparse patches of grass on arid plains... now you can have all this and more in Bryce!

Use the new Instancing Lab to place these grass objects on terrains, or use them as single objects, just as you like.

The grass objects come in three shapes, each used in three different setups, each with thick and sparse textures pre-applied. In the material library there are three alternate materials for each.

A walk-through tutorial on how to use the grass in the Instancing Lab is included.


To use the Instancing Lab you'll need Bryce 7 Pro. In Bryce 7 Basic you can use the grasses by placing them manually or by using the replicate and scatter feature.

Required Products
Bryce 7 Pro
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • Bryce objects: (.OBP)
    • 3 Sparse Single Grasses Wide
    • 3 Thick Single Grasses Wide
    • 3 Sparse Single Grasses Narrow
    • 3 Thick Single Grasses Narrow
    • 3 Sparse Grass Patches
    • 3 Sparse Grass Clusters
    • 3 Thick Grass Patches
    • 3 Thick Grass Clusters
  • Bryce Materials: (.MAT)
    • 6 Green Sparse Materials
    • 6 Green Thick Materials
    • 6 Autumn Sparse Materials
    • 6 Autumn Thick Materials
    • 6 Black Sparse Materials
    • 6 Black Thick Materials
  • PDF-Tutorial Included