EPIC SCIFI: Space Station Construction Kit

EPIC SCIFI: Space Station Construction Kit

The future awaits! The EPIC Sci-Fi series gives you modular designs fitting seamlessly into scenes, without you needing advanced modeling or texturing knowledge to individually create them. Using this set is like playing with plastic building blocks, only in this case, the pieces fit with any of the other ones in the set. This set gives you over forty high-quality building blocks to begin with, from space station structures, gigantic city domes, pieces of gigantic starship hulls, and massive space buildings.

The collection is made so that you only have to import a selected number of models, fit them together, and then hit render. There are many possibilities, ranging from International Space Station look-alikes, to cities floating in the clouds, to the star bases in seen in blockbuster Sci-Fi movies. The models are included in both native Bryce format, and as standard .obj files. Your imagination is the only limit.

Four spectacular pre-created scenes are included, ranging from dangerous asteroid fields to icy-cold moonscapes. Use these scenes to create your own Sci-Fi epic, or as an inspiration for your own unique far-future backdrops. Where will your imagination take you?

The Space Station Construction Kit is designed to recreate almost any space age, regardless of the desired complexity. Rotate and resize to fit or to add an extra level of randomness to your orbiting space station, or add a few close-up buildings to a beautiful space vista!

Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 40 High-quality pre-textured models
    • Space station units
    • Connectors
    • Widgets (i.e. solar panels, greebles)
    • Antennas
    • A space arm
    • And more!
  • 3 Detailed Sci-Fi buildings
    • Ideal for close-up scenes
  • 4 Space Ships
    • The Blade
    • The Marshall
    • The Priam
    • The Pilgrim
  • 4 Bryce 6 scene files
    • Simple starfield (more detailed that the default Bryce one)
    • Starfield with home planet and asteroids
    • Starfield with home planet and asteroid ring around it
    • Alien planet vista