Sci-fi Scene Building: Exploring Sci-fi Art Creation in Daz Studio

Sci-fi Scene Building: Exploring Sci-fi Art Creation in Daz Studio

Science fiction art has developed a visual language of its own as rich and varied as the genre’s narrative themes.

Digital art allows us to go far beyond the narrow range of imagery that existed over 50 years ago. Think silver space suits, ray guns, Flash Gordon fizzing spaceships, green monsters (why green?), and women in distress from said monsters.

In this tutorial workshop video, Linwelly, who has created a huge set of renders for her sci-fi online graphic novel, Taiduo, shows the best of her sci-fi art designed and rendered from Daz Studio.

She’ll be talking about these points:

  • Studying sci-fi images: what makes them sci-fi & why are they special
  • Elements of sci-fi
  • Understanding sci-fi scene building
  • Scene breakdowns
  • Means to success: the 3D toolbox – applications
  • Renders in space – a special mission
  • A Daz Studio scene with many options
  • Tone mapping and settings
  • Vendor recommendations
  • The video includes captions and an integrated search on any word or caption spoken during the presentation.

There's also a community section to this workshop with various Daz Studio artists sharing their sci-fi creations and recommended assets.

Try this 3-minute sampler including integrated search and captions.

What's Included and Features

  • Sci-fi Scene Building: Exploring Sci-fi Art Creation in Daz Studio
  • Video 1: 2 hours and 10 minutes (.MP4)
    • 00:00 Introduction
    • 00:01 Linwelly’s Preview of Sci-fi Images to be Discussed
    • 00:06 Community Section: Studying Sci-fi Images
    • 00:08 Bob Keck
    • 00:10 The DAZ Solaris-1 Space Station
    • 00:11 Combination of Stonemason Assets
    • 00:12 Composition Tips
    • 00:15 About Scaling in Sci-fi Scenes
    • 00:16 Space Wreck
    • 00:18 Generating Skies with Luminar AI
    • 00:22 Sci-fi City Scene
    • 00:23 Karen Williams
    • 00:25 Sci-fi Portal Scene
    • 00:27 Posing a Character in a Zero-G Scene
    • 00:32 Utopia vs Dystopia
    • 00:36 Pablo Setendjian
    • 00:37 “Used” Look Assets in a Scene
    • 00:39 Postwork Special Effects
    • 00:41 Trevor Hancock
    • 00:42 Various Sci-fi Characters
    • 00:45 A famous Sci-fi Bridge Set Scene
    • 00:49 Mixing Genres: Using Historic Outfits in Sci-fi Scenes
    • 00:53 Midnight Martians
    • 00:58 Time Travel Machine
    • 00:59 Linwelly: Main Presentation
    • 00:59 Elements of Sci-fi
    • 01:00 Understanding Sci-fi Scene Building
    • 01:02 Means to Success: The 3D toolbox
    • 01:08 Sci-fi Mosquito
    • 01:11 Assets and How Created
    • 01:14 Shattered: Character Breaking Through Glass
    • 01:22 Using Primitives to Create Small Scale Props
    • 01:26 Scene using Petipet Assets
    • 01:30 Info on Tone Mapping and Settings
    • 01:39 Influence of Linwelly’s Photography Background on her Work
    • 01:42 What you don’t have in Realistic Space Scenes
    • 01:44 Spacesuited character: Scene Breakdown
    • 01:48 Scene using the Sci-fi wall by the AntFarm
    • 01:54 Scene walkthrough using the Dominator by Petipet
    • 02:00 Different Camera Angles in the Dominator Based Scene
    • 02:04 Scene Navigator Tool in DAZ Studio
    • 02:07 Vendor Recommendations
  • Documentation: (.PDF)
    • 01 PDF Document with Access Link to On-line Searchable and Captioned Version of the Same Video

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install