Burning Floor - The Ring - Daz

Burning Floor - The Ring - Daz

A cluster of animated flames (fire and smoke), emanating from a ring shape on the ground. It measures approx. 5 x 5 x 2.5 meters.

- Volume container ready to render (vdb file 1 selected by default);
- 120 VDB files with density and flame attributes. It's a loop animation (matching start/end);
- Script (optional) for rendering as multi-frame sequence (from current frame to the end of play range);
- Material presets (Iray): Default, Emission OFF, Smoke absorption only, Smoke scatter only;

Product tested on Windows 10 / Daz Studio 4.22. Not tested on Mac!

Note 1: in the main promo image used vdb file #0026.
Note 2: if using my script to animate, make sure you have one of the vdb files selected in "surfaces / volume / volume file".

Tip 1: When rendering VDB volumes (more so if emission enabled) I recommend that you always set a time limit per frame (see render settings / progressive / max time in seconds). Daz Studio can make the math for you, so if you type for example "60*10" and click enter it will show 600 which means 10 minutes. In the promos I used limits as: 60s/frame (video), 900s/frame (stills).

Tip 2: when rendering animated sequences always do a test first, reducing the play range to 3 or 5 frames, to see if it works as you expected. That's because once you start rendering the sequence of frames it is difficult to cancel it if you need (I wait or kill the DS process in task manager).

Promo credits: EV Street Wall SW1, EV Street Wall SW2, EV Street Stuff SS1, EV Rocks Circle (EVargas), abandoned_hopper_terminal_04 HDRI (Sergej_Majboroda).

Have fun!

(c)2024 E. Vargas. All rights reserved.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Daz Studio and Poser