Celestian Dragonis - Dragon Figure

Celestian Dragonis - Dragon Figure

**AMV Dragon - Celestian Dragonis**
Full original dragon figure with textures, materials and poses

**Welcome to the Realm of Creativity, Where Your Visions Come to Life!**
In the deepest corners of artistic imagination, where fantasy intertwines with reality, emerges our extraordinary dragon model. It's not just CGI it's a gateway to the kingdom of limitless possibilities!

**Majestic Dragon: Your New Canvas of Creativity**
Our dragon model breathes life into the fantasy world like you've never seen before. Imagine powerful wings unfolding in an aerial dance, shimmering scales reflecting light, and eyes filled with mysterious glow.

**Ready to Go: Start Creating Instantly!**
Save time and nerves! Our dragon not only provides artistic inspiration but also practical solutions. It includes ready-made poses, dynamic movements, and fantastic textures ready for your ideas from the very beginning.

**Create Without Limits: Give Shape to Your Ideals**
This dragon is not just a model. It's the key to the kingdom of your ideas. Give your projects wings and release them into the vibrant world of art. Discover the World of Creative Excellence: Choose Our Dragon!

**Discover the World of Creative Excellence: Choose Our Dragon!

**What's included?**

- Full dragon figure for DAZStudio
-12 base poses
- materials
- textures
- horns props
- dev version

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