Central Business District

Central Business District

Central Business District is a huge set of 12 assorted skyscrapers and towers with 54 shape presets and multiple material presets which can be used individually, as a group, or in combination with my best-selling Night and Day City set. They are wonderful for panoramic scenes, establishing shots, detailed backgrounds, and city flyovers.

The individual buildings are built in a modular way, so they can be used as they are, or you can easily adjust the height and position of each component part to give a huge variety of impressive buildings to populate your scenes. The designs are inspired by a number of iconic buildings from across the world. The buildings have been built primarily for medium to long-distance use, but particular care has been paid to the roof lines and ground level, including shops which can be used for closer shots as well.

The main presets each load one of four quadrants with a 3x3 grid of building blocks, complete with street furniture and lo-res people and vehicles to give your scenes a populated look. The quadrants will load together to give 36 blocks of buildings but you can lay them out how you like, for example in a line to create a wonderful distant skyline.

I have also included the individual buildings and also populated city blocks so if you want to create your own layouts that is easily possible. Use just the buildings if the street levels are going to be hidden by other foreground buildings, or the Blocks versions to include all the street level detail for a populated appearance.

All of this is presented in both day and night versions with the night version featuring lit windows, illuminated shops, lights on cars, and even aircraft warning lights on the tall buildings.

Use Central Business District as a stand-alone city or to expand other city sets that you may have.

What's Included and Features

  • Central Business District: (.DUF)
  • Scene Subsets:
    • Skyscraper1 Block Day/Night
    • Skyscraper2 Block Day/Night
    • Skyscraper3 Block Day/Night
    • Skyscraper4 Block Day/Night
    • Skyscraper5 Block Day/Night
    • Skyscraper6 Block Day/Night
    • Tower1 Block Day/Night
    • Tower2 Block Day/Night
    • Tower3 Block Day/Night
    • Tower4 Block Day/Night
    • Tower5 Block Day/Night
    • Tower6 Block Day/Night
    • CBD North-East Quadrant Day/Night
    • CBD North-West Quadrant Day/Night
    • CBD South-East Quadrant Day/Night
    • CBD South-West Quadrant Day/Night
  • Props:
    • Skyscraper 1:
      • Central Block Side
      • Central Block Up-Down
      • Cross-Block Width
      • Shaped Block Up-Down
    • Skyscraper 2:
      • Block 1-9 Height
    • Skyscraper 3 Walkways:
      • Walkways Height
    • Skyscraper3:
      • Tower 1-7 Height
    • Skyscraper 4 Walkway
    • Skyscraper 4:
      • Central Block Height
      • Central Block 1 Height
      • Central Block 2 Height
      • Central Block 3 Height
      • Cross Block Height
      • Side Blocks 1 Height
      • Side Blocks 2 Height
      • Wide Block Height
    • Skyscraper 5:
      • Base 2 Height
      • Base 3 Height
      • Base 4 Height
      • Corner Blocks Height
      • Shaped Block Height
    • Skyscraper 6:
      • Block 1-9 Height
      • Circular Tower 1 Height
      • Circular Tower 2 Height
      • Circular Tower 3 Height
    • Tower 1:
      • Tower 1 Height
    • Tower2:
      • Tower2 Height
    • Tower3:
      • Inner Tower Height
      • Middle Tower Height
      • Outer Tower Height
      • Side Tower Height
    • Tower4:
      • Tower4 Deck Height
      • Tower4 Main Height
    • Tower5:
      • Tower5 Deck Height
      • Tower5 Height
    • Tower6:
      • Tower6 Height
      • Tower6 Swap Top
    • CBD Base Road Surface
    • Entrance Canopy
    • Entrance Shops
    • Entrance Side Shops
    • Entrance Sides:
      • Entrance Sides Wide
    • Entrance Tall
    • Side Fire Exits
  • 260 Materials
  • Render Settings:
    • Bloom Off
    • Bloom On
    • Haze Medium
    • Haze Off
    • Haze Thick
    • Haze Thin
    • Night Sky
    • Sun-Sky 0730/0900/1100/1400/1600/1800
  • HDRI images (.hdr/.hdri)
    • NightSky
  • Textures Include:
    • 62 Texture, Bump, Emmisive, Reflection, and Transparency Maps (344 x 472 to 3852 x 5442)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.21

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install

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