FARAWAY FAMILY for Genesis 3 Female(s)

FARAWAY FAMILY for Genesis 3 Female(s)

"Faraway in the galaxy live a family of strange beings. They have something human but they are NOT humans! These beings live on a planet named "FarAway" and they love to travel across the universe to meet a lot of other beings.
Be aware of it! As they can be very close to you. Are you prepared for a close encounter yet?"

Created for DAZ Studio:
FarAway Family for G3F is a set of 5 full custom sculpted fantasy characters. So you only need the G3F base figure and NO other morphs or package is required.
All skintextures are included with 5 different Skincolor-Mats presets to make them even more unique. With all included options "she or it" can be your Alien and will be great for all your Science Fiction or fantasy renders.

Included Files
Morph/ Shape Presets:
- FarAway 1
- FarAway 2
- FarAway 3
- FarAway 4
- FarAway 5
- FarAway Teeth
- Head Top High
- Head Top Low
- Head Top Medium (Default)
(Reset Presets are also included)

Included Mats for DAZ Studio IRay
(DAZ Studio 4.8+, 4.9 or higher required)
Not tested on a MAC

Textures: Diffuse-, Bump-,Specular-,SSS-maps, Normal Maps

- 5 different basic Skin MATS
- 7 Eye-colors
- Hide Eye-Lashes
- 3 iray Lip Colors to use with all included Basic Mats

You can use the included presets (INJ files) from your DAZ content library or use the sliders under the Tab Shaping:
Actor >Full Body >Fantasy >Mar3D >FarAway
For your convenience also a slider to close the eyes for Your FarAway Family characters is included.

No postwork done, except for compilation.
FarAway Family Skin uses the Genesis 3 Base UV Maps.
No hair, props or clothing included.

Used in Promo-images: Chain Metal Outfit by Rpublishing & Rhiannon, FarAway Suit for G3F (by Mar3D), Nova Suit for G3F (by Lilflame), Background Worldspace (by Holywonderworld), Niburu Backgrounds (by Sveva),Cyber interface (Daz Originals)

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  DAZ Studio 4.8 or higher with IRAY for Skintextures

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio