LFS Syladhielle AlfElfa Expansion for Genesis 8 Female

LFS Syladhielle AlfElfa Expansion for Genesis 8 Female

LilyFox Studios presents ~~~

Meet Syladhielle...

A beautiful and unique new character for the Genesis 8 female. Syladhielle is a darling & cute, petite fae ready to step into your storylines as anything from girl next door to faery, whatever you envision! She can fit well in any type of setting, from fantasy to modern real life.

Syladhielle AlfElfa Expansion Set for G8F has been optimized for DAZ Studio 4.12+ with advanced shaders and DAZ Studio specific material settings to achieve maximum results in DAZ Studio 4.12+. Syladhielle AlfElfa Expansion Set comes with additional facepaints & colors to match both the dForce AlfElfa Outfit & Expansion Texture Set by Poisoned Lily & Spiritfoxy. Syladhielle Fae2 textures that are part of the main Syladhielle Character package are texture #1 in the AlfElfa Outfit Texture Expansion Set and are included in the main character package. This extension set covers the main outfit & texture expansion of the dForce AlfElfa Outfit, a total of 4 texture sets.
This Set includes Facepaints, Makeups, Glitter GEOshell colors, Glitter Brow & Lash Colors, Brow & Lash Colors, and Nail Colors to perfectly match the AlfElfa Outfit textures. You must have Syladhielle HD for Genesis 8 Female to use this set.

This set has a number of individual maps with specific settings for each piece specifically designed for bump; displacement; normals; sub-d blood vessels & veins; specular; sub surface scattering; highlight & ambient settings. These are designed to boost the realism and more utilize the functions of DAZ Studio 4.12. DUF files have been included for Iray only due to the nature of the advanced mapping specifically designed for the realism of the Iray rendering system.

REQUIREMENTS: Genesis 8 Female; Syladhielle for Genesis 8 Female

REQUIRED PROGRAMS: DAZ Studio 4.12+ (Daz Studio 4.9.4+)

PLEASE NOTE: Syladhielle works with the Genesis 8 Female (included with Daz Studio 4.9.4+) You must have at
least Daz Studio version 4.9.4 to utilize this product for Genesis 8 Female




Glitter Adds: 154
12 Glitter Lash Colors, opaque & translucent |24 TOTAL
12 Glitter Brow Colors, opaque & translucent |24 TOTAL
12 Glitter Lip Colors + 01 HIDE Lips GEOshell
12 Glitter Nail Colors + 01 HIDE Nails GEOshell
12 Glitter Blush Colors + 01 HIDE Blush GEOshell
12 Glitter Eyeliner Colors + 01 HIDE Eyeliner GEOshell
01 Glitter Browbone Color + 01 HIDE Browbone GEOshell
12 Glitter Crease Colors + 01 HIDE Crease GEOshell
12 Glitter Inner Eye Colors + 01 HIDE Inner Eye GEOshell
12 Glitter Spots1 Colors + 01 HIDE Spots1 GEOshell
12 Glitter Spots2 Colors + 01 HIDE Spots2 GEOshell

Brow & Lash: 48
12 Lash Colors, opaque & translucent |24 TOTAL
12 Brow Colors, opaque & translucent |24 TOTAL

Nails (fingernails+toenails): 12
12 Nail Colors (applies to both finger & toenails)


034 Texture Maps
094 Bump/Specular/SSS/Ambient/Normals/Displacement Maps

214 Daz|Studio 4.12 Iray DUF files

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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