MY SISTERS for G3F - Full Custom Body Morphs

MY SISTERS for G3F - Full Custom Body Morphs

This is a set of 5 unique custom full body / character morphs (INJ files) for use with Genesis 3 Female(s)
No other Morphs or package required. Only the Genesis 3 Female Base.

Note that this is only a custom Shape / Morph set. You need the Genesis 3 Female Base shape to use this set.
Included is a set of Shapes/Morphs to change your Genesis 3 character into a younger shape.
Age range: From a 11 year old girl to an Adult.

No character, hair, clothing, props or textures are included. Since the “My Sisters” shapes are based on the G3F figure, you can use any G3F character skintextures. Also clothing for your Genesis 3 Females will fit the shapes automatically through the Auto-Follow system in DAZ Studio.

What you get with this package:
- 5 unique Sister shape-morphs with sliders /dials (with presets).
- 1 Young Breast Adjustment morph slider (with preset).
- 1 Close Eyes morph with slider. This can be useful with the younger (little) Sister morphs to close eyes a little more, for some facial expressions.

You will find 12 shape Presets for use with Genesis 3 Female(s) to change the age easy for your character: 5 full morph/shape presets and 7 combined (mixed) shapes.
1 Young Breast Adjustment INJ/ REM preset.
With using the presets (INJ files) for Sister Shapes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 your characters face matches the age.

Also 5 sliders are included to adjust the age and shape dynamically, or to mix and create more shapes.
You can find all presets in your content folder: People > Genesis 3 Female > Characters > Mar3D > My Sisters for G3F >

1 Group Pose (See Promo image) + 9 Facial Expressions.
You can find a folder for the Group-Poses and Expressions in the same place where you find the folder with the shape-presets.

Required product/software:
DAZ Studio 4.7 or higher.
(Tested in Daz Studio 4.7 and 4.8)

Genesis 3 Female base (Free with DAZ Studio at

Any feedback, comments or suggestions is welcome.
Enjoy your creations and have fun!


Products used in Promo images:
Zoey Hair by OOT, Iray Satin Shaders by Sveva, Basic Wear G3F, Toulouse Hair (DAZ), Intensity Iray Lights by Sveva, Workout outfit for G3F by OOT, Relax G3F by Kaleya, DMs Lady Classic Pumps by Danie, Nightout for G3F by Wilddesigns

All promo images were rendered in Daz Studio 4.8 Pro using the Iray render engine.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  No other Morphs or package required.

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio