Nyra for V4

Nyra for V4

She slips thru the trees, soft as a breeze, her feline eyes catching sight of her prey in the near distance. Her ears pick up the sounds of the forest around her. There is barely a sound as she swiftly climbs to the branches that reach wide with age. Jumping from tree to tree, running quietly along the branches that span the forest heights, she moves closer and closer.

Then, in the dim light cast by the soft moon, she drops to the ground. She is so close to her target she can almost see the hair rising on the back of its neck. Reaching out a hand, she quickly touches his shoulder. She swiftly disappears into the tress, yelling "TAG! You're it!" as she does so.

This package includes two feline skins, two flower skins, eleven eye color options, eleven nail color options, feline eye and ear morphs, nine eye color options, three different eye lash choices, and seven flowery make-up options.

Included in this set:
01 INJ/REM Head file
01 INJ/REM Body file
01 INJ/REM Eyes file
01 INJ/REM Full Figure file
01 Default Skin MAT file
01 SSS Skin MAT file
11 Eye Color files
09 Lip Color files
07 Floral Make-Up files
02 Feline Skin MAT files
02 Floral Skin MAT files
06 Reset MAT files
11 Nail Color files
03 Lashes files

*Poser 6 or higher and Poser 9 SSS Shaders are all included

Included in the Zip Files:

01 Cornea Transparency Map (1024x1024)
11 Eye Texture Maps (2048x2048)
03 Head Bump Map (4000x4000)
01 Head Specular Maps(3000x3000)
12 Head Texture Maps (4000x4000)
10 Lip Texture Maps (4000x4000)
01 Lip Bump Map (4000x4000)
01 Lip Specular Maps(4000x4000)
03 Limbs Bump Map (4000x4000)
01 Limbs Specular Maps(300x3000)
05 Limb Texture Maps (4000x4000)
01 Each Mouth Texture and Bump Maps (2500x2500)
03 Eye Lashes Transparency Maps (2000x2000)
03 Torso Bump Maps (4000x4000)
02 Torso Specular Maps(3000x3000)
05 Torso Texture Maps (4000x4000)
07 Nails Texture Maps (4000x4000)

P6 Standard Material Presets (.PZ2)
Poser 9 SSS Material Presets (.PZ2)
Material Poses to Apply All Presets

Software: Poser 6+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio