TAGORIALS for Genesis 3 Female(s)

TAGORIALS for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Created for DAZ Studio: TAGORIALS is a set of 4 full custom handsculpted fantasy characters for G3F. All Skintextures are included with 3 different textures and 13 different Skincolor-Mats (+ 2 Bonus Mats Gold and Silverblue) to create different unique characters for your scene. So you can choose from 4 different shapes and many skincolor-presets to build your own group of Aliens or fantasy Characters.

Great for your Science Fiction or fantasy renders.
Tagorials are beings from a planet in the 14th solar system named "Tagori". These beings like to explore new worlds and are exceptional intelligent. They are always developing new technology. And if another being or human should approach they will be ready to pass on their knowledge. But only if anyone is filled with good intentions. So don´t be afraid for a close encounter!

Included Files
Morph/ Shape Presets:
- Tagorial 1
- Tagorial 2
- Tagorial 3
- Tagorial 4
- Tagorial Teeth
(Reset Presets are also included)

Included Mats for DAZ Studio IRay
(DAZ Studio 4.9 or higher required)
Textures: Diffuse-, Bump-,Specular-,SSS-maps, Normal Maps

- 15 different Skin MATS
- 2 Eye-colors
- Show/ Hide Eye-Lashes
- 3 Lip Colors Dark, Medium, Light, to use with all included Basic Mats

You can use the included presets (INJ files) from your DAZ content library or use the sliders under the Tab Shaping:
Actor >Full Body >Fantasy >Mar3D >Tagorials

No postwork done, except for compilation.
The Tagorials Skin uses the Genesis 3 Base UV Maps.
No hair, props or clothing included.
If you still have questions feel free to ask me via sitemail at Renderosity.
Any feedback, comments or suggestions is welcome.

Thank you for your interest and support.

USED IN PROMO-IMAGES: Chain Metal Outfit by Rpublishing & Rhiannon, Tagorial Armor for G3F by Mar3D (coming soon on the Marketplace), Background Worldspace (by Holywonderworld), Niburu Backgrounds, SV's Crystal Rock (by Sveva),Pure Landscapes - Night Edition (by OkrimSlava) (@ Renderosity)
Space Base by Petipet (@ DAZ)

Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  DAZ Studio 4.9 or higher with iray for the Skinshaders

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio