D9S Neiva

D9S Neiva

A winter snow faerie character with custom morphs and makeups for La Femme and Poser 11. Neiva has a custom sculpted face morph with custom faerie ears for La Femme plus a bonus dialed body morph using Blackhearted's Femme Fatale Body Morphs (the body morphs are optional). She includes a full set of custom, advanced material shaders for Firefly and a separate set for Superfly to give her skin the effect of fresh, glitteriing snow. Neiva includes 12 winter themed makeups, both frosted and metallic nail polish options, and more. As a bonus, I have included one set of lights for Firefly and one set for Superfly that were both used for the promos seen on this page.

01 Full Body Texture Set
01 Set of Material Presets for Firefly
01 Set of Material Presets for Superfly
12 Makeup Options
12 Mix and Match Lip Colors
05 Iris Color Options
05 Eyelash Color Options
05 Eyebrow Color Options
07 Frosted Nail Polish Options
07 Metallic Nail Polish Options
01 Light Setup for Firefly
01 Light Setup for Superfly

Promo Credits:
The Red Dress for La Femme by Blackhearted, Aryabella Hair by Propschick & RPublishing, Heartfelt Jewelry by Afrodite-Ohki, Winter Angel Hair by Valea.

Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro 1.1 - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Required Products:  
Femme Fatale HD Morphs for La Femme, La Femme Pro - 1.1 Pro Base Figure for Poser 11

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser