Otherworldly Wonders: Tael

Otherworldly Wonders: Tael

Required Software: Poser 9+
Required Products: Victoria 4.2, Victoria 4.2 Morphs++, Advanced Shaders 1.5 (free)
IMPORTANT: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DAZ|STUDIO. Support cannot be provided for any attempts to use this product in DAZ|Studio; the material settings are not compatible, and the included shaders are NOT compatible software.

Product includes:

• One custom sculpted head morph INJ+REM
• One head MOR head shape INJ+REM+reset
• One body MOR body shape INJ+REM+reset
• One one-click brow visibility utility file to show or hide the brows ON+OFF

• 1 Poser 9+ SSS skin setup file
• 13 Poser 9+ SSS face/eye makeup MATs (includes default)
• 13 Poser 9+ SSS lip MATs (includes default)
• 20 ornamental eyebrow MATs
• 12 eye color MATs

• 20 total files compatible with Advanced Shaders 1.5: includes sh8 files, python file, and pose (pz2) launcher file for each effect

• 13 color head maps (including default) 4000x4000 (jpg)
• 19 supporting head maps (bump, displacement, specular, scatter, masking) 4000x4000 (jpg)
• 5 torso maps (color, bump, specular, scatter, ambient mask) 4000x4000 (jpg)
• 4 limbs maps (color, bump, specular, scatter) 4000x4000 (jpg)
• 4 mouth maps (color, bump, specular, scatter) 2048x2048 (jpg)
• 12 eye maps (color, bump, transparency) 2048x2048 (jpg)
• 60 eyebrow maps (color, bump, transparency, specular, displacement) 4000x4000 (jpg)

Product requirements

Victoria 4.2, Victoria 4.2 morphs++, Advanced Shaders 1.5
Compatible figures: 
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