Archanthia Realm

Archanthia Realm

Arcanthia Realm is a dforce fantasy guardian costume, and comes complete with 11 models by Ravenhair and 2 different element-inspired, detailed Iray texture looks by Moyra, plus a complete set of tip files and hierarchical material settings for one click model application and look changes. Note: There is a PDF with dforce simulation instructions for Archanthia Realm included in the Documentation folder.

Archanthia Realm includes:
A complete dforce outfit composed of 11 models:
-1 Top with jewelled buttons and neckpiece;
-1 pair dforce enabled Shoulder Guards with long back panels;
-1 dforce enabled Sash;
-1 dforce enabled open Skirt with waist ruffle;
-1 Belt with Buckle;
-1 Panty;
-1 pair faux Stockings
-1 pair Knee Guards
-1 pair Boots
-1 pair upper arm Cuffs
-1 pair lower arm Cuffs
- 2 complete fantasy texture sets, powered by 133 texture files and 26 material files

Archanthia Realm FBMs

Victoria 8
Aiko 8
The Girl 8
Stephanie 8
Teen Josie 8
Olympia 8
Mei Lin 8
Body Size
Body Tone

Archanthia Realm Skirt

Back L/R
Front L/R
Side L/R
Move Front/Back
Back Bottom Out
Lift Bottom L/R
Skirt Flare
Twist L/R
L/R Side In
Adj Buttocks
Adj Hips
Adj Waist
Expand All
Adj Waist

Archanthia Realm Sash

Back L/R
Front L/R
Side L/R
Move Front/Back
Twist L/R
Bottom Panel Bend Back/Front
Bottom Panel Move Back/Front
Bottom Panel Move L/R
Bottom Panel Open L/R
Bottom Panel Weavy Front
Bottom Panel Weavy L/R
Panels Move Front/Back
Panels Move L/R
Panels Open L/R
Panels Twist L/R
Panels Weavy Front
Panels Weavy L/R
Top Panel Move Front
Top Panel Move L/R
Top Panel Open L/R
Top Panel Weavy L/R
Expand All

Archanthia Realm Shoulder Guards

Back Bottom Out
Move Back
Back L/R
Twist L/R
L/R Panel Bottom Back
L/R Panel Bottom Front
L/R Panel Bottom Swing In
L/R Panel Bottom Swing Out
L/R Panel Bottom Weavy
L/R Panel Bottom Weavy In
L/R Panel Bottom Weavy Out
L/R Panel Move Back
L/R Panel Move Front
L/R Panel Move In
L/R Panel Move Out
L/R Panel Open In
L/R Panel Open Out
L/R Panel Twist In
L/R Panel Twist Out
L/R Panel Weavy Back
L/R Panel Weavy In
L/R Panel Weavy Out
L/R Collar Adj
Expand All

Archanthia Realm Belt

Back L/R
Front L/R
Side L/R
Move Front
Expand All

Buckle FBM Fits And Adjusts

Fit On Victoria 8
Fit On Aiko 8
Fit On The Girl 8
Fit On Mei Lin 8
Fit On Olympia 8
Fit On Teen Josie 8
Fit On Stephanie 8
Fit On Body Size
Fit On Thin
Fit On Voluptuous

Archanthia Realm Knee Guards

Belts Move Back L/R
Belts Move Down L/R
Belts Move Up L/R
Inner Adj L/R
Outer Adj L/R
Expand All

Archanthia Realm Lower Arm Ribbons

Jewel Adj L/R
Expand All

Archanthia Realm Upper Arm Ribbons

Jewel Adj L/R
Expand All

Archanthia Realm Top

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Archanthia Realm Panty

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Texture Looks:

- 1 complete Fantasy Fire Guardian outfit composed of a beaded and embroidered red and gold top with ruby, jasper and red druzy buttons and neck gem with inlaid red ruby touches on the incised gold shoulder guards,knee guards and arm jewelry, gold belt with druzy and ruby buckle, embroidered red silk panty matching the top cups, gold flame patterned lace sash with red beading,red flame patterned transparent silk skirt, gold stockings with red and gold brocade garters, gold boots with sequined inner panels and ornate foot designs.

- 1 complete Fantasy Water Guardian outfit composed of a water shape appliqué'd and edge wave embroidered top with scale motif cups, pearl and sapphire buttons and neck gem with silver incised and paua shell inlaid shoulder guards, knee guards and arm jewelry with sapphires, silver belt with a paua shell and sapphire buckle, silk plissé skirt, scale motif panty matching the top cups with water shape appliqués, water patterned transparent silk sash with beaded wave edges, degrade blue and aqua water patterned stockings with beaded blue garters, blue scaled leather boots with water motif appliqués.

133 texture files (up to 4096x4096)
24 material files and 2 "ALL" hierarchical material presets to aply all textures to all the models(Iray, duf)
11 clothing model presets, 1 hierarchical wearables preset

Send us a little site mail when you upload an image with Archanthia Realm, we would love to see your creations!

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio