dForce Spring String Bikini for Genesis 8 Females

dForce Spring String Bikini for Genesis 8 Females

To be used with dForce and Iray.

This swimsuit set is a part of the "Spring" series, which follows the Rule of Three. Three swimsuits. Three sunglasses. Three...titles with the word 'Spring' in them...

This is the third and final (?) swimsuit set created for the Genesis 8 Females models that belong to the Spring swimwear collection. The product contains a simple yet fetching string bikini combo that comes with a pair of sunglasses to go along with the swimwear.
This bikini set has been designed using a particular anime as inspiration and the sunglasses have been modeled after a good, chic pair of Aviators for women.
The base set comes included with a massive 30 Iray Material Preset expansion pack for the Strong Bikini Top, String Bikini Bottoms and the Freya Shades. And since the swimsuit is dForce enabled, it will allow your Genesis 8 Females models to tug and pull on the straps to set up that one perfect pin-up pose.

Please refer to the promotional images for a preview of all the material presets that are included in the product.

What you will get with this pack.

For Genesis 8 Females:

- !String Bikini Outfit
- Freya Shades
- String Bikini Bottoms
- String Bikini Top

- 30 Iray Material Presets for Freya Shades, String Bikini Bottoms and String Bikini Top.
- 2 dForce Simulation Presets.

The product promos shown have been created using the current public release build of DS Pro 4.12 using Iray and the wardrobe items have been dForce simulated using Genesis 8 Females models as the base figure.

All wardrobe pieces come with all the necessary fitting morphs for the core Genesis 8 Bodyshapes. And with dForce simulation along with AutoFit they can conform to nearly all Genesis 8 Female character shapes.

All textures have been created in 4k resolution. Also, this product includes HD normal maps in lossless tif formats.
(All of the 4K textures can be reduced down to 2k or 512px resolutions using any of the free scripts for DS or imaging software, with negligible loss where required.)

REQUIREMENTS: DS 4.10 (for dForce) . Genesis 8 Female.

Please refer to the readme for lots of tips and tricks on working with dForce simulations and Iray color switching options. Also please refer to the readme notes regarding the items' more detailed usage.

(You can get creative by using your own custom painted dForce Influence maps on the bikini pieces, including buy not limited to undoing one or both knots on the bikini to have it hang off of your model's contours, turning it into a prop to be hung on hooks, etc.)

Thank you for checking this product set out. If you choose to pick this product up, I hope that it can be put to great use in all of your artistic creations :)

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Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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